Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Podcast Interview Buyers Views of Salespeople

This podcast is an interview with John Sweeney of

What B2B Buyer’s Think of Salespeople – What Marketing needs to do about it

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The listening audience for this podcast are B2B Marketing Directors/Sales Directors and their bosses (CEO/MD).

Great insights from TACK International, UK and International business training specialists, who published their 2010 Buyer’s Views of Salespeople

The study captures the views of UK and International Buyers about their purchasing behaviour and what they think of salespeople.

Much of the study addresses ‘the art of selling’ and the things that sales people should or should not do to annoy corporate buyers. All perfectly noble and certainly worth a look for that reason alone. Useful suggestions on when to call, where to meet and the tools to use are all contained within the study.

For those of us working to improve sales and marketing alignment there are important trends the study picks up on that B2B Marketers need to note.

: Corporate Buyers preferred channel through which to source supplier product information is the website.

Top 5 Channels for Corporate Buyers are:

1.Supplier Website
2.Personal visit from salesperson
3.Search engine (Google)
4.Telephone call from salesperson
5.Literature in post

Meaning: Corporate buyers want a website that answers their questions. Sales visits that follow must complement and be consistent with the website.

“Robust processes need to exist between marketing and sales to enable swift sales follow-up” says the report. So Corporate Buyers expect sales and marketing alignment.

Investing in appropriate web-site content will be a better investment than one more cold-calling campaign or another sales head running up a huge phone and travel bill in the pursuit of business.

Work on fixing existing processes. If sales don’t like you and your marketing efforts that’s your problem not theirs. The situation won’t change unless you initiate it.

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