Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The new i newspaper - i, i , i like you very much !

One of the best pieces of advice I was given by my first sales manager Stan Hall, was to buy and read a daily newspaper.

This daily discipline helped me keep abreast of the news and enabled me to engage with what as a young salesperson I feared most of all ,namely,engaging in small talk with clients as part of building conversational rapport.

Even if one did not have the time to read the whole paper, Stan advised me to read the front and back pages namely the headline news and sports' pages.

That layout of front and back news has been set for years. It still pretty much holds true for the product of the first new newspaper for a long time. The i.

The i claims to be the paper for today.

i is all you need.

Editor-in-chief Simon Kelner sees the new 'paper's role is to guide its readership through a world overloaded with information.

One of innovations they have introduced is an illustrated blocked contents format - a matrix.

This offers an easy and quick way to navigate around the main news stories in order to get what one really needs to know at a glance.

The business matrix is the quickest 'catch' on what are the day's main business stories.

They are written in easy to read blocks of a headline and 50 word blocks.

The launch edition's Business Matrix covered:-

People, Leisure, Banking, Tax, Engineering, Retail, Accountacy and Publishing.

The usual Market indices plus rates for euro/pound, dollar/pound, dollar/ euro and Gold price and Oil price.

When you get back home the matrix scheme recurs throughout the paper in the sports' section as well as a useful TV guide .

The "TV personal selector" organised by genre from ...American Crime to shows

For 20p the i is a good buy.

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