Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Art of Christmas Window Dressing-Fortnam and Mason's , Piccadilly London Christmas Windows

Attracting customers to your store is a traditional discipline that retail has employed ever since the first shop window.

Fortnum’s designers have interpreted some of the masterpieces from the collection of the National Gallery in their Christmas window displays for this year.

Winter scenes, still lives, and views of Venice are represented, with subtle additions that remind us of the season’s special qualities.

The windows have the magical drawing power of a Children’s Toy Theatre – Do Pollock’s Toy Theatres still exist? The windows have an eye catching 3D effect.

As you scroll down and look at the photos remember that they are photos of models not the paintings. (I doubt you can take photos of the original paintings at the National Gallery in any case)

Even better why not go and see them in Piccadilly.

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