Friday, 5 April 2013

15 key things to find out while networking for Sales

The 5 stage process  of Sales Networking ( Opening – Qualify - Position – Close – Follow Up) requires a number of key skills- social and conversational , questioning and listening , relationship building , selling skills, presentation and writing skills.

Here is an exercise  you could try  once or twice during a networking event to help you further hone your networking skills

It will also help you focus and be a better net worker.

The  Take Time Out Exercise
After you have met someone or a  small group of people and you have moved away, go to a corner of the room , table, coffee station, to  the washroom and run through this list to see how your networking skills are faring.

Some of the answers will be on the business cards you have captured. Put any additional info into you pocket notebook, smart phone or on the back of the card.

1.    What was( were} the names of the person(s) you just met?

2.    What were their companies?

3.    What was their job role?

4.    What were their reason(s) for attending the event?

5.    Who would be the ideal networking contact for them to meet ?

6.    Did you offer to keep an eye /ear out to connect anyone you come across at the event who fits that ‘ideal’ ?

   7.    What were their business priority?

8.    What if any personal priorities/obsessions did you identify?

9.    What personal and family background did you find out?

10. What were their career history/background?

11. What was their level of interest in you?

12. What potential business value?

13. What potential value might there be to any product partners?

14. First impressions of them as a personality ?
15.  Any other useful/relevant information to remember for the future

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