Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sales related limericks in honour of Mr. Lear born 12th May 1812

Google reminded me that today is poet and artist Edward Lear's birthday 12th May 1812. He popularised the Limerick and I guess would have loved the creative tweets of today.

So here are some collected sales related limericks to enjoy .

Please add your favourite sales limericks in the comments - 'runcible spoons' at the ready:!


There once was a sales guy called Zack

Who loved to 'yakety yak'.

His clients would itch

When he gave forth his pitch

Then wondered why none called him back!.

There once was a sales guy named Jude
Looked upon as a road warrior dude
Then along came the mobile
Now he works from his home, while
Selling to those who he has wooed

There once was a salesman named Sonny
Who loved selling and clients thought funny
He forgot  how to close
Though t 'was under his nose
lots of friends, but sadly no money!

Sales and marketing were out of alignment.

Neither could finish an assignment.

When they shared the same treasure

with leads  they could measure

Income broke through this confinement

Hurrah for our CRM tool
That Managers think is so cool
Listing deals and accounts
It helps pipeline amounts
and it makes the competitors drool

So you’re in the sales profession
Take notice of this great suggestion
Your goal is to close
Whilst absorbing the “no’s”
It’s not just to make conversation

For my friends at TACK International
There once was a sales pro named Michael
Who disliked his long sales cycle

Post his TACK  "PRO-PAYBACK Selling"
His bosses were yelling
We wish we had more folks like Michael
There once was a Gatekeeper named Jane
Whom my sales messages were left in vain
She wasn’t a snob
Merely doing her job
Vetting sales calls again and again


  1. There is a Training big hitter
    Who strives to be never a quitter
    He uses his head
    With all he has read
    Then texts it to all via Twitter!

  2. Herd sheep, drive cattle, and lead men
    Is a code to live by again
    Serve without ceasing
    Sell without fleecing
    At the end o’the day, say “Amen”

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  4. Serve well and be right observant
    Be positive and helpfully fervent
    At the end of the day
    It’s joy to hear Him say,
    "Well done My good & faithful servant"

  5. Industry execs can bring fears…
    And overnight success can take years
    Just serve with great grace
    And “run the good race”
    You’ll be fit as retirement nears