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A Simples Life - Aleksandr Orlov - Book review

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Title of Book : A Simples Life

Subtitle: My life and Times

Author: Alexsandr Orlov

Publisher : Ebury Press

ISBN: 978 -0-091-94050-8
***** Five star - Most thrillsy book ever written by meerkeat in soothing Jacuzzi bath

Genre: Autobiography

Style: Narrative

Contents page: 5 parts of 3 Chapterings each.

Flick through eye appeal: Well illustrated

Time for a breather Stops : Each chapter written in easy bite sized juicy grub portions

Golden Nuggets: “Forever Furry” School song lyricings

Topic Summary: Story of Alexksandr’s struggles and successes ( and Sergei) scroll down for short review.

War Stories: Captain Vitaly in battle of Courageness, Campaign against Monghis Khan and brave stoires of Meerkovo Home Guard and awarding of Purple Claw

Illustration: Colourfuls and informative

Quotes: “Sometimes I am amazing myself.” “ We are all unique like snowflakes or batteries in my closet”

Short Review
With emergings power of BRIC nations ( Brazil, Russia India & China) this bookamabob is essentials reading for today’s executive who needing insight into modern Russian Meerkat Business managements.
This family tale, begins with great economic disaster of mauraudings mongooses who thieved family fortune in Kalahari.
Forget conventional western ‘rags to riches’ stories of Sugar Alan ,Simon the X factor, Buffet Warren or Trump Donald today you need the wisdoms and experiencings of brave and valouress meerkat Aleksandr.
Learning from his Sartorial rectitudinous in his dressings with stylish cravat, learn secrets of success of this phenomenons of twenty first century business tycoon.
Like all great business peoples, knowing who to surround with in brave endeavorings is key. Behind every successful meerkat is an unspeakings hero Sergei. A crossings between Jeeves and Einstein. and are trading names of BISL limited

( Aleksandr outside Brighton Pavilion , England on book signing tour. Onion domes remind him of church in home village of Meerkovo make him a little homesickness )

(Shocking foto taken by Ratarazzi fotographer for Dubrio Utrio magazine ( like English Hello matey Magazine)

Still show Aleksandr fine physicals

Sea at Brighton , England cold as mighty Volga in Winter but bracings)

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