Saturday, 12 February 2011

Aleksandr ORLOV explains Simples Advertising More Th>n Freeman

VCCP the advertising agency responsible for creating the talking Meerkat Alekandr Meerkat is also the creative powerhouse behind" More Th>n Freeman"

Lord Tim Bell whose PR firm Chime Communications bought VCCP in 2005 described some of the changes in advertising :-
" In the 1980s it was all about slogans and catchphrases and humour. Now advertising is about communicating the concept of a visual narrative. More th>n Freeman, like the Meerkat is a visual narrative"

Alekandr Orlov Junior (AOJ) learns about Simples advertising from Uncle Alekandr Orlov (AO)

AOJ"What business are you in?"

AO"I am account executive in ad and & PR agency"

AOJ"Do you write ads?"

AO"No, copywriters do that"

AOJ"Do you create ads?"

AO"No , art directors do that"

AOJ"Do you handle press releases and product launches?"

AO"No, P.R. specialists do that"

AOJ"Sounds like fun job"

AO"It's not that easy - we do lot of research"

AOJ"Do you do research?

AO"No, we have research people for that"

AOJ"Forgive me Uncle, but WHAT IS your job?"

AO"Well it's marketing really"

AOJ"You do marketing for the clients?"

AO"No, not exactly they do it themselves"

AOJ"Are you in management?"

AOJ"No, but I soon will be"

AOJ"Wow, what great job Uncle Alekandr!"

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