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Metro newspaper's ECOVELOCITY low carbon motor show the future

Sales and Marketing have much to thank the car industry and its contribution the profession of selling. Whether it be for those who still travel to their clients or exhibitions via a car or through many of the aspects of selling skills that have their roots in the automobile industry.

On the 8th of March  1911 Ford opened their office in Shaftsbury Avenue-Piccadilly, London. The history of public motoring in UK has changed enormously from those early days.

Henry Ford's production oriented sales model communicated to his customers was you can have it (the Model T) in 'any colour so long as its black'.
Soon to follow was Alfred Sloan ( General Motors) with his  product range of ascending price and luxury ( Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet , Cadillac)  whose origins you can still identify in the big manufacturers of today.

Last week it was the turn of  Ecovelocity the low carbon motor show in London to show off the industry's new wares.
Ford  their Focus Titanium X 1.6 TDCI, Focus Zetec 1.6 TDCI, Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6 TDCI, 5-MA Titanium X sport 1.6 TDCI, Mondeo Ttanium 1.6 TDCI and C-MAX Grand Titanium 1.6 TDCI

Vauxhall ( General motors in UK) displayed their HydroGen4 fuel cell car, the Ampera extended range electric car, and the low emission Corsa ecoFlex. The Ampera will be launched in 2012.

Peugeot brought the worlds first full diesel hybrid 3008 HYbrid4 already pre-ordershave been placed at the show.

There is something both iconic  about the Battersea Power Station site ( Europes's largest brick building) and ironic ( Battersea is a decommissioned coal-fired power station -presumably a high carbon output in its day belched out of those huge towers) yet it was the chosen site for the 2011 low carbon motor show.

But then Ecovelocity was a very different sort of motor show. The public visitor profile was high family and I guess those motorists who have decided to do their ethical bit by looking to buy a eco car or van.

So rather than the usual tawdry glitz of female models in various state of undress sprawling over the bonnets of the cars; you had an outdoor show something like a cross between a county show, a car lot  and a silent go kart track.

Indeed there were queues  for the the two driving experiences on offer for 5-11 year olds and 11-17 year olds. The track parades were so different as the cars whispered by.

It is amazing to see the wealth of  sales offerings now in this sector. There were over fifty different models on display. As Metro's motoring editor James day wrote in the show brochure
" ..Going green doesn't just mean embracing electric; there are petrol hybrids, diesel-hybrids, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells. bio fuels and even standard petrol and diesel engines producing 99g/km of CO2 or less."

Even the likes of Ferrari and Porsche and Jaguar are getting into the Eco business.
Britain must be one of the first countries to set legally binding ‘carbon budgets’. The Department of Energy & Climate (DECC) estimates
25% of the UK’s carbon emissions could be attributed to the transport industry.
39 % to electrical supply industry
17% to residential use
16% to business consumption.

Along with the environmentally responsible reasons to sell and buy Eco cars the impact of road tax, congestion charges and parking fees have gone. The Government  is due to knock thousands off the price of a new car and electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels.

With public transport prices rising the car is once again in vogue.

Along with the driving tracks , energy supply, charging point systems - there were also Art installations.
Sonic Forest consists of 16 aluminium poles contain audio speakers, lights and photo electric-cells. Layered on top is a series of programmed harmonic drones as well as rhythmic loops generated with Ableton LIVE. As one touches theses 'electronic trees' you trigger off both musical and environmental sounds.

It drew people of all ages to become spontaneous performers

Visitors were drawn to play the 'Sonic forest '- notice the  'Stig' no longer in his white racing overalls but in colourful flower patterns.
Sonic forest
Having also exhibited at this year's Glastonbury music Festival, Christopher Janney's Art Installation will be next shown at the Bournemouth Lights festival.

Some of the cars and vans on show:



The Bluebird electric

The Bluebird electric is to be driven by the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE- Don Wales in an attempt before 2013 to exceed 500 mph.  Don currently holds the UK land speed record for electric vehicles at 137 mph which he achieved in Bluebirds electric in August 2000


                                                   Schneider electric stand exhibit

Creative recycling of  car parts

Rubber Crocodile made from used tyres


Track at ecovelocity with the Battersea Power Station overlooking.

 A final note:

An Eco friendly hearse for your eco responsible willow coffin. Brahms electric hearses . The brochure stated " Green funerals are a way of celebrating our lives  and our personal values. Electric hearses can signal to our children and grandchildren to take care ahead as the era of cheap oil ends."

Video clip taken from the pedestrian bridge over the What Car Parade test track

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