Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Selling Skills for Insurance Brokers

I have recently been running a Selling Skills for Insurance Brokers for TACK International in the historic Rookery Hall, Worleston Cheshire – part of the handpicked hotels group –

 The original house was bought by one Baron Von Schroder in 1867 the son of the founder of the Merchant Banker John Henry Schroder whose name is still to be seen in the City of London.  

 In more recent times Rookery Hall was selected by  football legend and Pop star Mr and Mrs David Beckham for their engagement party.
(There is even room to land your helicopter on the lawn at Rookery Hall!)
Nowadays Rookery Hall is an elegant Hotel and Spa.

 We were looked after brilliantly.  The venue has very comfortable rooms, excellent conference facilities Wi-Fi that worked , Plasma Screens for PowerPoints etc. The food was of first class standard both at break out times and the main meals of lunch and dinner.
Set in 38 acres of gardens and parkland with some mature and beautiful oak trees. The park lands are fringed by the river Weaver.
To the rear of the old house a super terrace overlooking a large fountain and lawn and lovely flower beds.  In the evening of the first day we enjoyed drinks on the terrace soaking up the sunshine warmth of the early autumn.

The delegate group came from Brokers based from Leeds, Harrogate, Peterborough Wolverhampton ,Birmingham and locally from the Crewe area .

 Some specialising in Marine, Health and Safety other in more general commercial insurance- focusing on SME sector selling Professional Indemnity Director and  Officers Liability insurance, policies to cover assets earnings and legal liabilities retailer insurance, landlord insurance.
The Commercial Insurance world has changed considerably over the years as have the demands of their clients. Clients are more knowledgeable today that in times past. They source information and budgets at the touch of a PC key.

Some of the objectives of the programme included the following:-
  • The 5 aspects of Influence that Brokers need to consider with their clients

           Assess your own selling style and adapt it to suit your customers

           Apply TACK’s research into clients’ likes and dislikes when dealing with salespeople

           Apply a proven sales structure and process during every future sales scenario

           Plan your calls professionally

           Sell by setting clear objectives

           Research and target the right prospects and customers to generate the best results

(Acorns on the lawn at Rookery Hall. 'From little acorns mighty oaks grow'
so it is with the 'acorns' of selling skills.)
           Gain and retain your clients’ attention

           Ask value driven questions to fully understand your customers’ needs

           Apply the concept of ‘YOU Appeal®’ ensuring the customer is your focus at all times during the sales process

           Motivate customers by applying TACK’s Offer Analysis© technique

        Dealing with Challenging Client types

           Respond to and manage objections confidently and professionally

           Deploy key strategies for winning business and gaining customer commitment

           Close every sales conversation on a positive objective

           Keep developing your client relationships for long term and profitable business
Today’s insurance account executive has to be not only qualified and work to give best advice in line with the regulations of the professional bodies like the FSA but have to earn the right to be appointed that of trusted adviser. Gone are the days where was gained renewal business was just a rubber stamping affair which could carry on for five or six years.


The delegates worked very well right from the start. The course fizzed from the opening introduction sessions. The programme looked at the critical importance of influence in a professional intangible service such as commercial insurance.
(Team exercise ( Construction sector) James scribing with Matt, Harjit and Robert putting in their 'two penneth worth ')

                                          ( Nick in discussion with Steven detailing out their offer analysis for a differentiated value proposition to a nominated client.)

Although there are fine points of difference in most commercial insurance packages the importance of handling professional relationships is vitally important in this sector. Presenting detailed policies with clarity, impact and in a motivating way sets in motion the building of relationships between professional trusted advisor and client.

With the entry of professional social networks such as Linked In clients are to search out broker supplier profiles and likewise brokers as part of their research planning and preparation analyse both clients websites as well as the key people in a Client Company they need to deal with. They source information like Kompass , Dun and Bradstreet  etc. and also sites like Risk Disk

Broker executives need to ask both technical and statutory questions in order to offer advice yet need to do this in a conversational but business-like manner.

As well refining our sales processes we reviewed the way our current communication and messages are conducted to the client.

Action Plans gathered  -the course  delegates left full of ideas and focus  departed to implement their learning take aways back in their own markets.
For  comments from delegates from this course scroll down to 'what the clients say' section on this link


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