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Mobile marketing is COOL - CIM event - Augmented Reality- Smartphone Vouchers- Blippar

The Croydon and South London branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing aims to:
·             Promote a conducive environment where members and guests who live or work in Croydon and South London can meet, share information and exchange views on current developments with fellow professionals at all stages of their marketing career
·             Create the right marketing connections for personal and professional development
They hosted a meeting at the BBP Business School
in St Mary Axe in the City of London on 27th October
Mark Blaney-Stuart opened his session for the CIM's Croydon and South London  meeting on Mobile marketing at the BPP Business School Site in the City by brandishing his smart phone saying "This is not a phone!".
Much like Rene Magritte's painting

"This is not a pipe" Ceci n'est pas une pipe" smart phones challenge our pre-conceptions - for really a smart phone is mobile computer.
It can acts as our Address Book, Our  calendar  even our Hifi .
Soon it is becoming our cash, our train ticket , a homing device.
Mark used a quote from Albert Einstein "  Simple as possible not simpler" It might have well have come from the lips of the late Steve Jobs of Apple.
The  smart phone is not replacing  the mobile phone but superseding it.
Much as our life has changed from  a division of work, social and domestic life we are now in the era of either on line or off. as likely as not our phone is always on and within three feet of us.
It knows…
What I we like
Where we are – location sensitive  - ,
Mark showed a Burger King application of smart phone  software where location alerts are sent to customers' smart phones within the vicinity  and an order could be taken. The information then processed in time to meet the arrival of the customer to the outlet. 
But smart phone mobile marketing is not just for the Global Corporations like Burger King and their kingdom- but is also within the  smaller budget realms Local advertising campaigns which can be made time sensitive and be rolled out  as a campaign in ten minutes
Mark Blaney-Stuart , Head of Research at CIM

Mobile Coupons ,Mark told the audience have better traction than the conventional paper cut out coupons of old. 
Mobile marketing is not about the technology for its own sake – it must be of use or benefit to the consumer.
It’s not a phone it's the future of mobile marketing

What customer  does the customer need?     What technology can they use?
There is so much information out their now - a deluge as Mark described it.  We are suffering 'Choice paralysis'

Nowadays People want recommendations..not choice.
For example ,we  no longer search for say a Restaurant in Soho  - but decent restaurant in Soho
Why do personal recommendations work? Referrals, testimonials and recommendations are more trusted because they are seen to be objective. However Trip adviser  lose their power if a supplier is found to be faking it such action devalues the proposition.
Facebook  conversations offer genuine real time market research – compared to a conventional focus group which can never real time.
Smart phones enable fast and local incentive schemes but an offer o succeed it has to be literally  an unbeatable offer e.g. 70 % discount with ten minutes to go or within 5 miles of the store

QR tags potential under-exploited –can  we bothered to scan? Mark said their success depends a lot on situation and environment
They work well work in the art gallery, museum, zoo but in everyday not  so well– incentivisation
Mark suggested that most of us don’t like tech – what we we like is tech. solving stuff.
Privacy concerns have arisen with smart phone marketing but Mark suggested
“Yes Big brother is watching you – but if we like our big brother , we don’t mind”
Is Tesco clubcard a terrible thing because it targets ?– not really because we signed up for it.
Privacy has a price after all.

Amazon You viewed – Customers who liked this /bought this also viewed this
It appears marketers concerned about  the  concerns of possible intrusion will just make it a choice for consumers to make

For  specialists for this area of marketing Mark suggests we should look at the following who  help clients attract new customers and build their on line reputation, assist in keeping in touch and building  relationships plus advice on measuring monitoring and making more money from such technologies.  
When mobile is a is quick as the desktop  Mark reckons we will use mobile

Either more and more sophisticated or a dumb cheap devise in the cloud.
Cloud security Machine all life –loss
Usage patterns of life One click away from everything.

James Pimentel answering questions after his presentation
James Pimentel- Pinto

He advise the meeting to extend your brand / service to mobile using your existing channels in integrated mobile experience.
James talked about the development of near field chip nfc  with applications such as contactless payment, transport ticketing,health tagging, info tagging, location based networking like foursquare, Google wallet Pay pass and Go.

He finished his session with a demostartion of some of the latest AR Augmented reality where a samrt phone's camera can view a piece of advetising such as a wrapper or poster whose elemnts are then augmented by computer generated sensory input as sound, video and graphics.
What James referred to as 'cool' and I just felt "WOW"

James demonstrated   a Blippar application

The Blippar™ platform uses image recognition technology to make an advert i the trigger for the virtual content. The advert can be poster or product wrapper or just about anything I gather.
What the content consists of... is totally brand dependent
Any advert is turned into an engaging interactive experience

In the video clips the camera of an ipad is pointed at advertisements which triggers the technology interesting demonstration.

Tesco promotion for video

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