Friday, 17 February 2012

Croydon Chamber of Commerce - Managing Sales Opportunities

Whatever the business, the sales operation is always crucial - everything else depends on it.

But in tough economic times, effective selling is both more challenging and even more important. The need to search for new accounts, win against determined competition and develop more business ever present.
Members attending the 16th February 2012 meeting at Jurys Inn, Croydon came from a wide range of businesses including Tax Advice, Trade supply of washroom and cleaning products, Translation and Interpretation services, Conferences and Events and Professional Employment Support Services

Through an interactive approach “Managing Sales workshop” the group met on Thursday 16th February. The purpose  of the morning  workshop was to help members manage and build their sales.

The 'behind the scenes' team from the Chamber in the form of Events executive Becky Williams and membership co-ordinator Keely Dench were tremendously helpful and supportive in the hosting and room set up .

Having set up once by 7.45 a.m., it appeared we had been given the wrong room. So Becky and Iqbal changed it all over in record time ! I was most appreciative.

Opening the meeting General Manager of Croydon Chamber, Matthew Sims, stressed the importance of Sales at the present moment. Matthew is responsible for all operational matters at Croydon Chamber of Commerce. Matthew has played a key role in developing the marketing, communications and events strategies over the last six years.

Iqbal Kanji thanked Matthew for his introduction and the opportunity that the chamber had given TACK to share some of its thoughts on current Sales practise. He opened the session briefly with a quick overview of TACK International.

Hugh Alford then introduced the topics of the morning's agenda and facilitated the session.

•How to sell to your customers the way they like to buy

•'What customers like and dislike about sales people

•The importance (or not) of price in the final decision

•How to build and retain customer loyalty

•What part can social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) play in B2B markets?

•What makes an effective Sales Manager?

Fintan O'Toole from The HR Department, Iqbal from TACK International ,
Asif Afzal and Ben lewis
 from Kwintessential

Team's flipchart of ideas to build loyalty to their brand

Kelly Hawkins-Farr from Fairfield Halls Conference Centre, Aidan Roberson from AlveryAlvery Business Tax
 and Darell Munt from Rowland Brothers International building their "Bank of Trust"

The session involved discussions and reactions to data from Tack Research  into Buyers views of salespeople and Sales leadership survey.

The session finished  at 11.30 a.m. but all the members stayed over to carry on their discussions and benefit from the opportunities to network in a way that the Croydon Chamber of Commerce has been a catalyst for, for over one hundred years.

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