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What's wrong with the world of Selling ?

GK Chesterton might have been brilliant at tweets
The Times newspaper in the early 1900s, asked a number of authors to write on the topic:
 “What’s wrong with the world?”.

G.K. Chesterton’s answer at that time was the shortest of those submitted – he simply wrote:

“Dear Sirs, I am. Sincerely yours, G.K. Chesterton."

I guess the author of the Father Brown Stories could well have been a brilliant tweeter as his succinct answer represents a  tweet of only 91 characters.

There have been many changes in selling since Chesterton's days but one issue that still remains a daily challenge is that of communicating well.

We may be working now in a more 'experiential sales ' environment than former conventional  'solution models' but that experience for our client will depend on the quality of of our communication and especially if the sales process has a glitch.

We may have many more channels of communication, but more, does not necessarily mean better. Click for free download of Buyers Survey of Salespeople 2012

Platforms such as twitter, or leaving a  message on voice mail or sending an email to a client tend to be used  by many in sales as one way forms of communication as illustrated below. There is perhaps some feedback in response but the flow of communication is rather stilted and intermittent. 

Some of the  so called 'conversations' on Social media forums like Linked In can be a bit like this.  Such threads of 'conversation' often lose their sense of direction by about the 6th comment or simply peter out.

One way communication can be effective e.g. army drill. Orders given and orders obeyed.

Selling is seldom effective when just "telling" the client this or that.  

One way communication works
 in hierarchy situations such as Army Drill

Fairly soon when one is following a conversation thread on Social media it will be better to get more direct and email or pick up the phone.

Many in selling prefer to employ a two way form of communication as illustrated below.
This  is where the 'conversation' ebbs and flows between the various parties.
If this can also be done with some warmth and rapport  to build a relationship so much the better.

Two way transmission with rapport better
suited to Selling and Buying

However all communication  ( "Telepathic few in selling are" as Yoda might say) is fraught with difficulties.

 How many times today will people in business think or say the trouble with this organisation is poor communication or breakdown in communication.
This does not only refer to physical breakdown  but also breakdown in business relationships.

Communication is fraught with causes of breakdown

To reduce the problems of these potential communication breakdown why not not brush up your skills click on the relevant links below that will take you to the topic.


Good news for lovers of GK Chesterton's Father Brown series - I hear that the BBC are filming a TV series with Mark Williams as the priestly sleuth due to be aired next year.

I can't wait now that the Commissario Salvo Montalbano season on BBC 4 has come to a close:(

Better Questioning

Better Listening

Better Body Language

Better Selling select from

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