Wednesday, 9 July 2014

80% of Company leaders and managers sales unaware –what’s your company’s competitive?

This is a good question to ask anybody in a business

“What did you sell today?”

It is not just a question of front line sales, nor just about closing an order. It may be simply asking –“What was your contribution to progressing the company’s sales process today?”

Whoever you are in the organisation- how well or how badly you do your job will directly or indirectly affect the business otherwise what’s the point of your role?!

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) know that when a company has effective management, the organisation’s performance can be boosted by as much as 23%. 

However only half of the people they surveyed say their managers are effective. Clearly this is an issue for our country’s management and leadership.

In the recession much of the focus for many firms has been survival.
 One for the chief actions to achieve this has been cost saving.

As we come out of recession many businesses are feeling the under-investment of their talent during the downturn which has led to a skills deficit. Yet the solution to the problem is not going to be as simple and going out and hiring talent.

The war for talent has returned. No longer can companies rely on rewarding high performers or tempting people to join with the promise of long-term financial incentives.

The right people are not always available and competition for the best hires is very competitive. Again businesses will have to turn their mind to invest in the skills of their existing staff.

What would be the differentiator of your company
 that you would put on your placard ?
So far as selling is concerned not only sales skills need developing but sales mindsets throughout the organisation.

I guess many of us were surprised to see in October 2013 senior executives from the Power Companies discomfort and lack of fluency  on justifying their prices  at the hearings at Parliament’s  Energy and Climate Committee. This is part of a day to day job their field sales and desk based sales people have to do.  Skill set link -Handling Objections Effectively Handling Price and other common Objections

Let’s start at the top!

  •       Is the board sales-savvy?
  •       Do they know their role in sales growth?

On 8th July 2014 The Evening Standard’s Niki Chesworth  trailed some  survey results due to be published in a book “The Success Formulae- The CEO’s Road map to Value delivery. "    The  data suggests  a lack of sales nous within the boardroom

  • ·         8 out of 10 directors did not know why certain colleagues sat on the board.

  • ·      More disturbingly, 8 in 10 could not agree – or did not even know – the competitive advantage of the firm on whose board they sat. Skills set link :   Differentiated Value Proposition

  • ·         33% are often caught in continuous and damaging in-fighting- a “ disharmony that often means the business suffers”

  • ·         66% find it hard to talk about uncomfortable issues even if they seriously impact on the business.

  • ·         Only one in five newly appointed managers has received any management training.

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