Thursday, 21 August 2014

#GCSEResults ATTITUDE is more important than Grades. Ever thought of Selling as a Career?

Congratulations to all who passed their GCSEs today.

 If you really want to go Uni - follow that dream, study for A level or whatever else is required.
but today you may just wish to take a pause and ask yourself is going to Uni REALLY your  dream right now ?

  • Your parents will be proud of you. They will be telling other parents of your achievement ( and in no small measure vocally justifying the sacrifices they made for you). 
  • Your school teachers will also be proud of your achievement after all they have facilitated your progress.
  • Your School will be proud because one of the Indexes they love to quote is the number of pupils who got GCSEs, A levels and University places.

Some young people ( and you may be one of them) are pushed into staying on at school or college trying for A levels and university.  
Determined Attitude Andy Murray style !
 Probably best not to wield your tennis
racket in the interview room though :) !
As the Times Newspaper on August 20th points out Attitude * beats exam grades in the jobs market.  A can-do approach is more important than an A* .

 A survey of 200 employers was carried out in July 2014  by the Recruitment and Employment Federation.

  •  Nearly 50% half said that the most important quality they looked for in a young person was their attitude.
  • 20%  said they key criterion was the level of qualifications that an applicant held such as an honours degree, A levels and GCSEs
  • Only 4% said they studied the grades of the candidates and based their decision on that.
Qualifications can be a good indicator of ability but the survey shows employers put a high value on attitude. Chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Federation Kevin Green says

 " Our advice is young people need to think about how they project a positive, can-do attitude when applying for jobs"

This blog covers Professional Selling.  If you have not thought about a career in this sector take a look around the site. Take a look at the posts Career in Sales or the other topic labels on the right hand side.

What ever YOU decide - and it is YOUR decision- good luck and if you join the brotherhood and sisterhood of selling- welcome 

Your country ( whichever country that is) needs you ! 

 You will also have a lot of fun and you can earn a 'bob or two' along the way as well.......

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