Thursday, 14 August 2014

Is Going to University really YOUR wish ? #alevelresults #resultsday #Clearing2015

Congratulations to all who passed their A levels today.

 If you really want to go Uni - follow that dream.
 but today you may  wish to take stock and ask yourself is going to Uni REALLY your  dream ?

  • Your parents will be proud of you. They will be telling other parents of your achievement ( and in no small measure vocally justifying the sacrifices they made for you). 
  • Your school teachers will also be proud of your achievement after all they have facilitated your progress.
  • Your School will be proud because one of the Indexes they love to quote is the number of pupils who got to University . It is a ‘ measure’ of THEIR success. OFSTED will be looking for such evidence no doubt.

Yet some young people ( and you may be one of them) are  pushed into taking university courses because of Britain’s “snobbery” towards technical qualifications – leaving many struggling to find work when they graduate.

Also today will not be your last chance to decide to go to university.

You may well do better to go to University later in your life. Colleges like the University of London’s Birkbeck College has a long pedigree is lifelong learning and the ‘mature’ student. Similarly the Open University.

But is going to University right now REALLY YOUR WISH?

The continuing high number of drop-outs at some universities raises concerns that too many students are still taking courses that fail to fully meet their needs.

More than 26,000 students dropped out of university last year amid continuing concerns that school leavers are being pushed into taking inappropriate degree courses.

Official figures show that around one-in-15 undergraduates – 6.7 % – failed to complete the first year of their degree and numbers grew to almost a fifth at the worst-performing colleges.

At least one-in-10 students at 18 universities across the UK quit higher education altogether after less than 12 months.

It also emerged that 18.5 % of students – around 73,500 – are projected to fail to complete the course they started after either dropping out, transferring to another university or graduating with an alternative qualification.

Students can face £40,000 debt over 'no limit' tuition fees.

This suggests school leavers should give more serious thought to post-18 study options, particularly with the size of student debt rising.

The disclosure – in data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency revealed that more than £1.3bn spent on student bursaries over a five year period had failed to prevent poor teenagers dropping out of university.

The Government’s Office for Fair Access found that grants worth up to £4,000 a year had "no observable effect" on students’ chances of remaining on their degree course.

 This blog covers Professional Selling.  If you have not thought about a career in this sector take a look around the site. Take a look at the posts Career in Sales or the other topic labels on the right hand side.

What ever YOU decide - and it is YOUR decision- good luck and if you join the brotherhood and sisterhood of selling- welcome ! Your country ( whichever country that is) needs you ! 

 You will also have a lot of fun and you can earn a 'bob or two' along the way as well.......

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