Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Autumn Fresh Start 2014 #Marketing Quiz for Suppliers

One team's view of what goes under what heading in the marketing mix

So you are back from your summer holidays now and ready for the last four months of the year.

Selling is a multi-discipline role today. An appreciation the marketing discipline and its objectives is part of the salesperson's skill set. 

Here are a set of marketing questions to get your brain back working up to speed and fit for the marketing challenges ahead . 

Over the next fortnight there will posts covering the areas raised by the quiz. 

So please come back to the blog.     

Good Luck with the quiz and enjoy it. Have a great Autumn.

1. Under which of the four Ps of the Classical model would you place Brand and Presence?

Delegates puzzle over the Marketing Mix Game 

2. Under which of the four Ps of the classical marketing model would you place Social Media and Publicity ?

3. Under which of the four Ps of the classical marketing model would you place Insurance and service Level?

 4. Name three emotional/ personal motivators.

5. Define marketing research.

6. Newly commissioned research is what type of research

7. What are`the two main  types of marketing research.

8  Name three specific examples of marketing research pertinent to your business.

9. Name three different pricing  strategies that a marketer can use.

10. Name five different pricing objectives

11. Name 8 different marketing communication objectives.

12. What are the 'PESTLE ' Factors?

14. What is the difference between direct and indirect competition? - Give two REAL examples from your industry.

15 In the seven Ps model of the marketing mix  Product Price Promotion Place what are the last three Ps ?

16. What is the Chartered Institute of marketing's definition of marketing

17.Name 10 key parts to the annual marketing plan.

18. Name the 7 stages of the Marketing process

Marketing Mix exercise

What are your Big Picture Marketing Challenges ?

Channels of Communication

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