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Consumer Behaviour for marketers

This week – fruitsofsuccess- is celebrating Marketing Week. There will a new post each day on a marketing related topic. Today’s subject is....

Consumer behaviour 

Early morning ready for the customers . Budapest covered awaits another busy day

kiosk in the covered market in Budapest
near the Liberty Bridge
Consumer behaviour 

Why will consumers go to the market and buy your products/ services ?

Marketing orientation of business starts with the wish to satisfy consumer needs, as revealed by marketing research, at a profit. 

It follows that anyone interested in satisfying consumer needs should understand what motivates people to buy one product, often rejecting another by doing so.

'Fruits of Success ' Hungarian Style a stall from
 the famous covered market in Budapest
Consumers are influenced by many factors, beyond simply the price of a product. 

These motivators can be summed up as follows:


           RATIONAL (Logical)                         EMOTIONAL (Psychological)

                GAIN OR SAVING OF MONEY                     PRIDE

                UTILITY                                                      PLEASURE

                HEALTH                                                      LOYALTY

                PROTECTION AND SECURITY                       APPROVAL

                CAUTION                                                       FEAR


                BUSINESS                                                        PERSONAL

In most buying decisions there will be a main motivator but several subsidiary motivators.  The precise combination of motives will vary from individual to individual.

The main sources of these motives are:





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