Wednesday, 14 October 2015

6 challenging customer types and how to handle them

Most of the time Customers are fine but sometimes they can become a touch animal like .
Like a Zoo keeper you need to deal with different temperaments in the zoo.

The bulldog, the grizzly bear, owl, the myna bird, the mouse, the sheep. the hyena.

1. The “Bulldog” (Persistent)
How to recognise : Painfully persistent, often asking the same question more than once to check you weren’t lying the first time.

How to deal with them : The bulldog needs reassurance that they know that what they are buying is right for them. Ideally, the way to overcome the bulldog is knowledge and patience. No matter how many times they ask the same question, offer the same polite response. If you don’t know the answer, don’t lie. Find out and ring them back.

2. The “Grizzly” (Rude)
How to recognise : Blatantly rude for no obvious reason! They have little or no manners and don’t care about your feelings whatsoever.

How to deal with them : Always remain calm. Follow complaints handling technique, and apologise for any problem they might have encountered. Don’t react angrily, because this will just worsen the situation further!

3. The “Owl” (Know-it-all)
How to recognise : Often very knowledgeable, and likes nothing more than to show that knowledge off, even if it means belittling you. The owl loves to be right.

How to deal with them : Don’t compete! Allow them to show off and even offer compliments and flattery to win them over. Never say or imply they are wrong; it will only upset them.

3. The Mynah bird ( talkative)
How to recognise : They can speak for England! Once they start, they’ll never stop and often ask you personal questions or talk about issues completely unrelated to their enquiry.

How to deal with them : You must aim to control the call. Use the customers name, steer them using questions, and paraphrase to get them back on track. Stay polite and avoid being rude or letting them know you are bored.

4. The “Mouse” (Quiet)
How to recognise : Customers with this personality type will often be very hard work! They offer the bare minimum responses to any questions asked, and engaging them in conversation is an uphill battle from the start.

How to deal with them : Ask open, probing questions (e.g. “what”, “when”, “how”, etc.) to force them into answering with more than one-word responses. Invite their opinions, but don’t be too pushy or they may become even less willing to talk.

5. The “Sheep” (Ignorant)
How to recognise : Doesn't know what they want or understand why they want it. Often, they will become flustered and upset if not dealt with properly.

How to deal with them : Again, ask open questions to clarify what they are looking for, and summarise key points to confirm that your understanding is correct. Listen carefully and be patient! Don’t make assumptions.

6. The “Hyena” (Obnoxious)
How to recognise : Easily upset and often very flippant and sarcastic at every opportunity. Unlike the “Grizzly”, they don’t need an excuse to get nasty – indeed they enjoy winding you up.

How to deal with them : Remain calm and professional at all times. Agree to disagree and give up, because their main objective is to upset you. Don’t let them upset you, simply pity why somebody would choose to be like this.

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