Saturday, 1 October 2016

I'm thinking of you - honestly ...Developing the sales relationship

Let alone with the competition of email, Facebook birthday wishes on friends’ time line or the hash tag special day campaigns on twitter or a social media service ( algorithm) tenderly telling we that they care about me ! ( yuk) , the Greeting Card Industry  constantly works at raising awareness of their offering by reminding us of their offering during the fallow periods between traditional Christian seasons of   Christmas, Easter , St Valentine’s.

They  invented 'Mothers’ day' ( as opposed to Mothering Sunday) , Fathers’ day etc.

One campaign I had not noticed before is “Thinking of you week” I saw in the window of my local branch of Clinton Cards.

Research form the Buyers’ views of Buyers survey reveals that Buyers do not like salespeople who don’t walk their talk about relationship- ie who only show up ‘when there is an immediate smell of blood.”!!!

Successful salespeople who do walk their talk in developing relationship building know of the importance keeping in touch with clients even when there is no immediate benefit to them.

Here are three simple ways to employ the “..saw this, thought of you” technique  for example :-

  1.   E mail with attachments of articles of interest to your buyer
  2. E mail with a link to site of interest or post on a relevant topic to your buyer
  3.  How about a snail mail letter or Card with a news clipping of an article of interest ? The time and trouble you took makes a good impression

Perhaps the slogan of Clintons Card for successful salespeople should be extended to                                                         “ Thinking of you” (all the  year) “


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