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The Digital Economy Act 2010 (DEA) . 'Publishing Law' - a useful Source of reference and implications for Sales & Marketing Executives

Anyone can be a publisher in the UK!

"..All of us 'publish' opinions or other information every time we send an email to a client, or circulate anything that anyone other than the intended recipient may see ( although there is still an argument about personal text messaging)."

Most of such 'publishing' in the sales and marketing arena on the Internet in social media or through mobile phone traffic is the life-blood of selling today and keeps well away from the law but

What if your email sent a to a list of colleagues or customers defames?

What if the text or pictures you use infringe on another's copyright?

Now in its fifth edition published 11th April 2016
Today's Marketers and Sales Directors need to be increasingly aware whether they be author, publisher or anyone connected with the 'publishing' process.

The Digital Economy Act of 2010 is now partly in force and covers the areas of 'notice given' and 'take down' and 'disconnection' for the likes of the ISPs e.g. BT, Yahoo etc


To our rescue have come Jones and Benson with the recent publication of their book "Publishing Law" now in its fourth edition. Although primarily written for law students it is a readable volume for business people written in plain English and not cluttered up with footnotes.

Hugh Jones is copyright counsel for the Publishers association and Christopher Benson is a solicitor with the city law firm Taylor Wessex.

'Publishing Law' is published by Routledge

Title of Book: Publishing Law
Subtitle Fourth edition
Authors Hugh Jones & Christopher Benson
Publisher Routledge
ISBN ISBN 976-0-415-57517-1

Genre: Dip In Reference
Style: Plain English
Contents page: Excellent
Index: Comprehensive 4.5 pages

Flick through eye appeal: Clean and easy to navigate.

Time for a breather Stops : Useful straight forward summary checklists

Golden Nuggets: Useful Glossary of legal terms , up to date list of useful addresses,
Topic Summary: This is a comprehensive guide to the law as it effects the publishing process. it offers practical help for those who need an understanding of where and how the law is involved whether they be publishers, authors, agent and those involved with published material ( e.g. sales and marketing disciplines)
War Stories: Case histories and precedent appear to be a central tenet of legal world!
Illustration: None
Quote: Anyone can be a publisher in the UK!

Areas of particular interest to Sales and Marketing:

Part 5 pages 283-350 of this book is centred on Sales and Marketing

Ch 11 covers Sale of Goods and consumer protection including legal ownership in sales,descriptions and misrepresentation, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose.

Ch 12 covers Advertising including unfair commercial practices, business protection from misleading advertising, unsolicited goods and services, distance selling and data protection.

Ch 13 covers distribution and export including trade and competition, restraint of trade, Eu and UK competition rules - Article 34 : free movement of goods, exhaustion of rights and recent developments on E books,digital distribution,e- publishing issues.

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