Thursday, 22 December 2011

‘Just a minute’ elevator sales pitches "without repetition, hesitation or deviation".

44 years ago today - just after three months of the launch of BBC Radio 4, the first transmission of the comedy panel show Just a minute was aired.  Back then it was chaired by the current chairman, Nicholas Parsons.
Clock at Earls Court Road Underground Station, London

Will you be playing your own version of "Just a minute" at  any parties over the Christmas Holiday season?

Amongst many of the questions in our small talk with new people at such gatherings ,we will meet those who will predictably ask “What do you do?”

I know that at some parties that I will attend, I will ask someone what they do.

Their response (particularly if they are English), will often be to ramble on what they don’t do, what they are not , - Five minutes later, they will be still trying to describe their role, company or industry, and you and I will be trying to find a polite way  to extract ourselves out of the conversation

Unfortunately, many salespeople don't think enough about their company's story and how it comes across.

How many of us have witnessed ineffective pitches at networking events, conferences, seminars etc.?

So why not get a little practice in this holiday period honing your elevator pitch and communication skills this coming party season?

You might find this 4 part formula helpful DSDC ( Do, Solve,Different,Care)

   1. What does your company do?

   2. What problem do you solve?

   3. How is your product or service different?

   4. Why should the prospect care?

By keeping each answer brief, you will develop a succinct story that should take no more than 60 seconds. Then you can work on the other key craft and that is to listen to them and get them talking.
 Based on those four questions above, your company's story might go something like this:

"We I....... [what your business does]. Typically we... [what problem does you solve].

 And, we ..... [how you / your company are different].

 Imagine  you were to ................. then we could ... for you[why they should care WIIFM].

Oh and don't forget to carry a few business cards on you when you go to those parties. You never know.........

Remember : "There is no such thing as luck in selling . LUCK is where opportunity meets preparation!"

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  1. This message needs to get to lots of people because I start to avoid asking 'the question' fearing a long rambling, non-sensical answer! Probably similar to the ones I give at such occasions!