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Alexandr Orlov Celebrity Blog Editor Christmas 2011

Christmas Card with Alexandr Orlov - "Meery Kreestmoss"

As has become traditonals on BBC wireless Radio "Today Programme" for guest editors for the week between Christmas and New Year, I Alexandr Orlov,  am celebrity guest editor of  this blog during holiday period.
I was interviewed by Mr Appeal

Where are you spending Christmas holidays?
 My Papa Anton advise me to visit pretty Cotswold village in aptly named  steep Hill of Bourton in Gloucestershire district. This is farming area of great beauty and grow mini cabbages of Brussels which go well with Seasonal Turkey Meal ( and secret plates of cheesey beetles.)

Where did you attend Christmas Eve?
I went of  pretty and old  St Lawence Church Bourton on the Hill. See picture below of said saint with grill -the martyr’s symbols. (Simples)

 We singing traditional carol songs like 'In the bleaky midwinter' ( that remind me of home town of Meerkova), 'Comes all ye faithfuls' and "It came upon a midnights clear" with strange words not covered in my English graduate  course I studied through the "Learn English Through Acupuncture" correspondence for example" veiled in flesh the Godhead see" ??
 Church has TWO Cribs

Extra crib on ledge
Did you find the church service strange?
No, it was piece of centipede cake. Thanks to my ITkat, Sergei,  who used to work on Russian space program and he install state of art computermabob with extra large RAM jar and floppy box which access Googles to explain strange liturgy of Church of Englands. But not so different to Meerkat Orthodox tradition back home. Village of Bourton on the Hill very friendly. 
What was your most amusing Christmas cracker joke ?
What  do termites have for breakfast? Oakmeal! That killed at feastings table in Bourton

How much time do you spend at your computer each day this holiday?
In morning I have to spend many hour replying to timewasters who are email me for cheap car insurance (deal scroll down for such.) The rest of day split between snacking and Tweeting about Christmas snacks .
Favourite website this year?
I am current working on a new social media website, called Litter. It is like LinkedIn and Twitter combine to let you waste time more efficiently.

The British public can now buy replica toys of you and Sergei as brand extension of your comparethemeerkat company what other ventures as you considering? Are you sure you in right place?
There have been rumours that I am to endorse  strange wafer chocolate confectionary bar called  KitKat by Nestle company as grown up sophistikat lifestyle brand to 'Kid Milky' and his bar for baby meerkats. This not true my cake bar is "Meerkat Bar" with slogan 'have a cake have a meerkat bar."

Have you been cold in the English countryside?
No my Santa sock keep cosey at night. Also weather has been mild but windy like on Russian plains

Favourite pop song at the moment?
Military wives song " Wherever you are"  with Chorus master Gareth Malone . Click for Wherever you are

What have you found most interesting about Cotswold Christmas?
Note boxings under tree

The term "boxings" is confusings. No one boxes on Boxings day but give presents to each other.

The tradition has long included giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions. ( Remindings I must remember to pay faithful servant and Itkat Sergie.) Sergei.)

In the UK, it was a custom for tradesmen to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year. Now we do shoppings. I visit Warwickshire district and  Avon  river town of Stratford of Shakespeare fame he playwright like Checkov but funnier.
Christmas Lights in Startford upon Avon

What has been the saddest thing this Christmas?

Mr. Roman’s footballing team only drew with  Fulham team. Serious doubting about Premier leagueings this season.

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