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Ascot Dress Code - Formality leads the way for Business in 2012

"Everyone who should be here is here.."
Race-goers make a good show at Waterloo Station
 for Royal Ascot 2012
Sartorial rectitude is back!
Another Royal Ascot week is underway. A new ,more formalised code of suitable attire was stipulated with a new and exacting dress code became the hot discussion of the week. 

Waterloo Rail Station concourse has become a fabulous fashion catwalk
 for Royal Ascot week 2012 

Posts on 'Business dress' remains in the top five most visited by page views on this blog site.

Window display at Hat Gallery m/v London

In a provocatively feisty article, fashion reporter Hadley Freeman in the London Guardian June 11th  advocated that men should wear shorts in the office.   Men, show your boss you know your own mind -put on some real shorts

Hadley's summary was  "shorts are great, three-quarter-length trousers are whack and cricket fans are fashion fascists. I think we all learnt something today, no?"

She admitted that  she has been living on Planet Fashion, not Planet Earth where the "scruffy folk dwell".

 "Never encountered a demographic more rigid about (read: scared of) fashion than men who claim to have no interest in fashion, and I spent eight years as a fashion journalist." she stated

"Chaps" she teasingly wrote," it really isn't very complicated. Trust yourselves. If something looks good, then it's right. Stop second-guessing so much. A good pair of shorts on a man – not too scruffy, not too short – looks great. Worn with the aforementioned smart shirt and belt and, dude, you have got it going On.
The article was picked up by the CBI website Linked In discussion forum CBI LinkedIn discussion forum facilitated by Aly Duncan.
Window display at Hat Gallery

The findings from XpertHR on why companies have a dress codes revealed

 for more information on xperthr

Window Display at Hat gallery m/v London

The TACK Buyers Views Survey 2012  data for the UK  part of the survey would also advocate sticking with formal although the move to more informal dress in the office has changed over the 14 years the study has been undertaken. The Full Buyers 'Views of Salespeople will be published shortly.

For the moment "Selling short or selling in shorts" is not the advice that  most Buyers would give sales people meeting them.

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