Thursday, 28 June 2012

Facebook for Business 10 tips for your Business page

Following the welcome and introductions given by Colin Stanbridge CEO ,London Chamber of commerce and Industry  he introduced the Minister for Culture.

 Ed Vaizey   Minister for DCMS opened the breakfast meeting at London Chamber of Commerce International in the City of London on “ Growing your business Socially”.

It is encouraging to see that the Governement can spare time to address SMEs in the UK and it was appreciated by the 'sell out' audience.

The minister said that the UK is one of the leading countries in e commerce. 25% of the country’s economic growth is predicted to come from e commerce.

The Government is investing £1 billion into the economy for superfast broadband, national mobile phone coverage, and the auction of Spectrum 4G.

Ed Vaizey MP UK GovERNEMNTt Minister DCMS at LCCI , 
 City of London

Mr Vaizey emphasised that one of the great things about Europe not talked about enough is the Digital Single Market.

It will enable UK businesses to sell at home and export abroad. 

He also mentioned the EC’s contribution to Privacy and consumer protection directives and data protection.

Simon Milner, Director Policy of facebook  then opened his presentation on Deloitte’s report of January 2012 which estimated that Facebook is responsible for £200 million pounds of business and has created some 18,000 jobs.

Nick Baird Chief Executive of UK Trade and Investment UKTI described Facebook presence as “ effortlessly global” and shared with the audience his former foreign office experience of the “Arab Spring”  evacuationcommunications through contacts via Facebook was by far the most effective channel of communication.

Nick Baird, Chief Executive UKTI at LCCI's
"Gowing your business socially"  facebook

He said in view of all the challenges of the UK economy British business needs to go global. We must exploit the digital space.

In his work with the Turkish washing machine company Beko he mentioned how their “Mums united” community has some 60,000 fans. (62,601 likes · 1,221 talking about this)

There is also a new export initiative – a partnership with Yell called Open to export  shortly to be launched undergiong beta testing now ,where mentors are available to help new exporters..UKTI Help for exporters .

Justin Mewse , Tropical Sky at LCCI's
 "Growing your business socially"
Next t speaker was Justin  Mewse from Travel business Tropical Sky.

He shared his company’s experience of business with Facebook through case experiences of  campaigns targeted at various countries and market sectors.

Question Time  Simon Milner Diretor of Policy Facebook left,
Kirby Koo, middle 
Facebook Global Marketing solutions , Facebook

The core of the morning meeting was led by the dynamic and ebuliant Kirby Koo , Global Marketing Solutions facebook. Kirby is based with a team of 11 in Ireland. They have been doing a roadshow around the chambers of commerce in the UK culminating in this one in the city of London.
 Kirby advise a stepped approach on starting your business page with facebook. Stage 1 Connect People to your page 2 Reach people and their friends 3 Work on insights and optimisation.

She also agce additional tips on engaging with your audience on Facebook by publishing to your page.

Tip 1 Post succent content

Tip 2 Post photos and videos

Tip 3 Post regularly

*The Buyers'Views Of Salespeople 2012 survey
 has identified that
11.8% of Buyer respondents used Facebook
to research potential suppliers in the last 12 months

Tip 4 Ask for Fans' opinion

Tip 5 Ask questions using Facebook's Questions Product

Tip 6 try posting " fill in the blanks" posts

Tip 7 Give your fans access to exclsuive information

Tip 8 Give your fans access to exclsuive information

Tip 9 Keep Current

Tip 10 Localise your postsif they are only relevant to specific audiences.

The team then opened up for questions from the room chaired skillfully  by Simon Milner.

They did this in a very time efficient way.

 They took three questions at a time and then answered the three in one shared response. 

 The session was pacey , interesting and kept to time.

I thought the facebook team were very professional, approachable and helpful.

So I better start a facebook business page!

* The TACK Internaltional Buyers'Views of Salespeople 2012 Survey will be published shortly       For further information


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