Friday, 19 December 2014

Santa's 18 ways to be a better listener over Christmas 2014 and throughout 2015

Father Christmas in the window
 at  Hamley's , Regent Street London  2014
Apart from his jovial demeanour what picture do you conjure up in your mind if you ever went to see Father Christmas in the Stores or if he came to a children’s party?

 The modern portrayal of Santa Claus frequently depicts him listening to the Christmas wishes of children.

He makes a good model to renew our listening skills
Here are 18 ways to be a good listener like Santa (You might like to start and scroll first to No 18 and work up the list backwards)

1.        Don’t talk too much yourself - let your contacts  talk more.

2.        Think like the clients you’re talking to.

3.        Ask questions to ensure you understand what was said.

4.        Don’t pounce or interrupt their ideas - let them finish.

5.        Concentrate on what you’re saying.

6.        Think about what your contacts are saying.

7.        Take notes while you’re listening.

Santa reads and listens.
Window at Hamley's   2014
8.        Tune into your prospect’s ideas, concerns, attitudes - not just the words.
 9.        Use brief affirmations to let them know you’re listening.

10.     Put your own personal problems on the back burner when you are listening.
 11.     Respond to their behaviour, not their personality.
 12.     Keep calm and avoid being irritated by their opinion.

13.     Keep your mind  open.

14.     Don’t jump to a  conclusion before hearing them out.

15.     Look for something interesting in what your contacts express.

16.     Blank out  visual distractions around you.

17.     Have everything to hand before you call.

18.     Practise the above over your Christmas break on family and friends!

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