Friday, 19 December 2014

Selling lessons from Central London's Christmas 2014 Attracting Attention
Marks and Spencer


Strikingly lit frontage of Selfridges
 in Oxford Street 2014
The displays in the west end at Christmas have much to teach us in the skills of attracting attention


Fenwicks in New Bond Street
There are four principal methods of attracting attention, plus a fifth for repeat calls only:

Here at Piccadilly Circus
Coca Cola Zero state a fact of Zero Sugar 

        ·         Factual attention getter: In your selling state an interesting fact which relates to either the client personally or his business; the fact will also usually relate to your product/service, either directly or indirectly.



 Austin Reed , 100 Regent Street , London 
 get across a simple factual attention getter
 with demonstration of tailoring stages

·         Question attention getter: ask a question which is relevant to the client’s business and also to the purpose of your call.

LG were on show at Waterloo Station visually asking us
 to compare LED and OLED with a twitter campaign
 #DISCOVEROLED   The coloured dots were real flowers

·         Reference opening: build confidence and interest by referring to the experience and satisfaction of another client; either a well respected client (confidence) or a client in a related business (interest).


Shackhal of Sakare 2014  in 93 New Bond Street 
 on a freezing cold night working the
 street 7.45 pm. 'Try before you buy' Sakare
produce high quality soaps

·         Visual aid opening: involve as many of the client’s five senses as possible - visual is particularly powerful e.g. using a brochure, photograph, working model, sample etc.




 Smythson 40 New Bond Street. their diaries
 and leather goods used in this
 eye catching globe display


Remember that the purpose of the four attention getters listed above for we in selling is to create a conversational vehicle that takes you directly to your real goal - investigation of the customer’s needs.  You can’t begin a sales presentation of the benefits of your offer until you have identified their needs and wants.


·         Link or story hook : link this call back to a previous one by summarising where you left off last time.



Selfridges' windows  2014 tell the fairy story of Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty tableau

Sleeping beauty tableau

Best of all use the product to attract attention

Down in Covent Garden there is a fantastic Lego display

Eye catching display in Covent Garden Piazza using the product
700, 000
Lego®  bricks

Eye catching display in Covent Garden Piazza using the product
700, 000 
Lego® bricks

Eye catching display in Covent Garden Piazza using the product
700, 000 
Lego® bricks

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