Wednesday, 7 January 2015

HSBC ADVANCE on cute emotion- How to thrive in twenty on five

HSBC Advance with the power of emotional motivation.
‘To succeed in life....’ a new advertisement series from HSBC teases ‘... you need some powerful allies’
The ‘book jacket campaign’ round the Metro newspaper is targeted at their potential  “ADVANCE” customers to whom they will offer preferential rates  and benefits on a wide range of HSBC products.
The strap line their supply is TOGETHER WE ADVANCE.
Details include :-
£ 500 off booking fee for mortgages
3.9 % APR representative for loans from £ 8,000 - £15,000 etc
but HOW do HSBC ( or their advertising agents) catch the reader’s attention ?

With an appeal to MOTIVATION

KIDDIES , PUPPY DOG, A BABY – Kiddies at dressing up play – the oh so cute factors

1.    A  close up shot little girl wrapped in ?Mummy’s Shiny gold shawl wearing a pair of what look like old school motor cycle goggles.

      2.    A little boy standing, wearing a scarlet cape, a Mexican wrestler hero knitted balaclava brandishing a tree branch sword ( how did that get through without a health and safety warning note one wonders in these days ;)  ?)  . Out of focus in the background a little girl in Wimbledon colours  with purple eye mask and green shiny cape.

3.    A young baby in striped romper suit asleep along side a cute puppy.

      4.     At the end of this series HSBC promise “There is a rainbow”. Here we have a photo of four kids of various sizes ( and ethnicities)  wearing red wellington boots. They a carrying three  opened umbrellas ( kiddy sized) in concentric banded bright colours.

"The sugar and spice and all things nice" campaign reminds us as we ADVANCE into the new year to remember


“There may not be much emotion in business but
 there is a heck of a business in emotion !”

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