Thursday, 22 January 2015

Little Bogdan is not at Davos 2015 - but if he was he'd be SELLING

Fine Little Bogdan, but you need to Plan and set
 your selling objectives
What decisions are you after?
 What information do you need to find out?
Who has the budget, authority, influence and need?

Research at the individual, local and global levels
That's why it's worth listening and watching the presentations
at WEF Davos 2015 ( scroll down for link below.)
Who are your customers' customers? What is their market about?
Who are their competitors ?...

Interest your client. Question them and above all LISTEN to them.
 Match their needs and wants with your offering,
Handle and Answer their objections

Negotiate what is of value to them and less cost to you

Ask for the decision. Keep developing the business.
And don't forget to thank them for their business !

Don't forget to KISM

Keep It Simples Meerkats

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