Saturday, 21 March 2015

Happy #WorldPoetryDay 2015

Selling Haiku for #WorldPoetryDay 2016

acute listening
appreciate first before
asking then shut up

-Hugh Alford

On level 5 of the Royal Festival is the Saison Poetry Library is the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain. It is are the major library for modern and contemporary poetry and are funded by the Arts Council England.

I dropped in a few weeks ago and asked if they had any poems on Selling.  Here is one  to celebrate today on World Poetry Day.

The Salesman *
By Bertie  Ramsbottom  ( Ralph Windle)

Salesmen, of whatever races,
Look the same at fifty paces;
Notwithstanding girth or size,
Something lurking in their eyes
Indisputably asserts-
This guy’s in sales, so watch your shirts !

Salesmen must however fearful,
Act indomitably cheerful,
Riding round their carousel
Of never ending need to sell,
And knowing, if their meet their quota,
It’s up, for each successful rota.

How they do it no one’s saying
But when they don’t, it’s time for praying.

*A Book of Business Ballads 1985

ISBN 0-7126-1057-X

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