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UK #election2015 Lessons 4 Salespeople The TRIPLE LOCK, MOCK and QUARREL #LabourManifesto

Power-of-threes Update 15th April 2015 

   Selling The Good Life  Selling the next coalition

Power of threes from the Speech for the launch of the Lib/Dem Manifesto 15th April  from Battersea

The Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg says a coalition is "inevitable" after 7 May and only his party can provide a "proven rock of stability (1), continuity (2) and conscience (3)".

Somebody is going to hold the balance of power on May 8," he said. "It is not going to be David Cameron or Ed Miliband. It could be Alex Salmond (1), it could be Nigel Farage (2) or it could be me and the Liberal Democrats (3).

A "few hundred votes", he claimed, could make the difference between a "decent (1), tolerant (2) and generous (3)" government in the centre-ground and a "coalition of grievance" involving either the UKIP and SNP.

Power of threes from Mr Cameron
Mr Cameron at the launch of  Conservative party Manifesto at Swindon 14th April 2015 

Britain is a “buccaneering (1), world-beating (2), can-do country (3)” and “can do it all over again”,  said the Prime Minister Mr Cameron.

Together, with the hard work of the British people, we have rescued our economy (1), created record numbers of jobs (2), put Britain back on her feet (3).

In Britain we’ve always shown we have the ingredients (1) the will (2) – above all the people (3)– to overturn what’s inevitable.

He said that the “greatest sunshine that there can possibly be” is for more people in the UK to own their own homes (1), have more of their own money to spend  (2) and have “dignity and security in retirement” (3).

Not to be outdone in using the power-of-threes Mr Farage at the launch of the UKIP Manifesto April 15th 2015

Mr Farage said his was the only party which had the "self confidence and belief in the nation" that the UK should govern itself (1) , make its own laws ( 2) and negotiate its own international trade deals (3)  

Who is the happy Warrior? Who is he
That every man in arms should wish to be?
—It is the generous Spirit, who, when brought
Among the tasks of real life, hath wrought
Upon the plan that pleased his boyish thought:
Whose high endeavours are an inward light
That makes the path before him always bright......  

"Character of the Happy Warrior" by William Wordsworth 1770 -1850

Milliband's  Personal Pitch The power of 3s

Ed Milliband , leader of the Labour Party
prospective MP and Prime Minister
The Happy Warrior of 2015
Ed Milliband made his personal pitch, saying that he felt ready to be Prime Minister at the launch of the Labour Manifesto in Manchester 13th April 2015. The manifesto is an 86-page booklet, some 20,421 words long

Essentially the Labour proposition is about selling their leader.

As in the launch of a Sales Product,  the manifesto launch allows you to control your presenting environment. 

 Like many speakers Mr Milliband  favours the delivery in the rhythm of threes -  a power tool of rhetoric

For example

Ready Ready Ready
He said: "I am ready,  ready(1)  to put an end to the tired old idea that as long as we look after the rich and powerful we will all be OK. Ready (2) to build a country that works for working people once again.   Ready (3) to put into practise the truth that it is only when working people succeed, that Britain succeeds.
Every Every___ Every
"If you elect me your Prime Minister in just over three weeks' time, I will work for that goal. I will fight for that goal. Every (1) single day.  In everything (2)I do. In every (3) decision I make."


Mr Milliband has been taking an enormous amount of advice in presenting skills.

It's not quite yet part of him . The multi 7 debate was a stranger arena for him compared to Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg who performed at the one five years ago.. 

Not only do the political  leaders have to speak coherently but must get the look correct -whether to look into the camera lens or to the facilitator and thereby through to the audience or debate looking directly to the other speakers.

A Sunday Newspaper , **The Sun on Sunday came into possession of Mr Milliband's private notes for the first TV debates of the seven leaders . The have the notes watermarked with the paper's brand .

Presenting the BODY LANGUAGE of the Happy Warrior

Mr Milliband prepares ( and so should we !) : The 10 pages of notes contained a motivational pep talk to himself along with some of his off-the-cuff answers and put-downs. Likewise you can add stage directions and notes not said which help you to stand still, smile ,relax etc.

The notes and direction himself included reminders to “relish the chance to show who I am” " The Happy Warrior" and talk to the camera to “use the people at home”.

His rhetorical skills in the power of threes is again used

In his comeback and put downs ( I hasten to advise salespeople NOT to do comebacks and put downs - we are not politicians. Our sell is every day NOT once very five years)

“You ( Mr Cameron) and Nick Clegg wrote the book on chaotic coalitions – chaos in the NHS (1), chaos on immigration (2), chaos on living standards (3) – and now you’re asking for the chance to do it all over again.

Mr Milliband's  notes to himself  advise him to ridicule Mr Farage rather than accuse him of racism

“Nigel ( Mr Farage)  you think all the problems of this country can be traced back to Europe (1), immigration (2) and breastfeeding in cafés. (3)”

And finally 

One last thought learning from other's mistakes :   Check you don’t leave your notes on the rostrum, lectern where others ( competitors) can pick them up. Or even the Sun on Sunday! ;)  

Good presenting !

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