Friday, 5 June 2015

Know Punny Business . Puns to sell and promote your business name

330,000 businesses were started in 2014 according to UK government statistics.

 How do make your business stand out head and shoulders above the crowd ?

HeadcasE Barber shop, Farnham, , Surrey
Nectar Business, the points-collecting card service, surveyed  2,000 people.  It found you’re more likely to talk about quirkily named small businesses than ones with anonymous, descriptive names.

 24 % chose The Codfather, a fish and chip shop, as the business with the best quirky name.

 Curl Up and Dye, hairdressers, and

Back to the Fuchsia, florists, were both picked by 23% of people.

Other high-ranking names included a sandwich shop called
Arnie’s Sarnies – You’ll Be Back,  

a florists called Florist Gump

and a Welsh fish and chip shop called A Fish Called Rhondda.

You can probably guess what these businesses do
Jean-Claude Van Man,
Alan Cartridge
and Jason Donervan?

 Blindspot in Downing Street of Farnham Surrey
specializes in made to measure window blinds
44 % of people  said they would strike up a conversation over a pun in a business name, compared to 19 % for ordinary names more often use for solicitors, accountants and advertising agencies. Other popular pun named enterprises included:-

Bits and PCs for computer repairs,
 Doggy Style for dog grooming and
Barber Blacksheep the hairdressers.

Kingston University’s marketing professor  Dr Jaywant Singh, says that brand names are central to a business’s identity.

“Quirky or idiosyncratic brand names are highly suggestive and are capable of leaving strong memory traces.  Customer associations with such brand names are often instrumental in generating recommendations,” 

THE TRADITIONAL PLAICE, Downing Street , Farnham, Surrey

Will we see in future a Solicitors practice rebranded  as Sue , Grabbit and Run  I wonder ? 

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