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11 useful questions in the sponsorship sell

You may not have the budgets or size of support team to run a sports sponsorship  project such as  Wimbledon fortnight but the same basic questions are involved at whatever event you wish to open a relationship with potential sponsors.  

If you are looking for support to sponsor your church fete, your youth club or whatever  first you need to see it from the client's point of view. Then express from their point of view by personalising your offer ( see related links)
Evidence of a tantrum at
 Farnham Tennis Courts

 also now known as
"Blowing a Gasquet"

Gasquet smashed a racket in anger 
after failing to capitalise on
 two match points in the third-set
 tie-break in his match at Wimbledon
 against Nick Kyrgios 6th Jully 2015

Preparing and research answers to these questions will help you put together your offering and it is likely to be more persuasive

Basic Sponsorship Check list from their viewpoint

  1. What are their specific objectives for undertaking sponsorship of this  event?
  2. How does it fit into their marketing plan ?
  3. Is there a contractual period required?
  4. What criteria will you  and they use to judge the success or failure of this event?
  5. Does the event fit in with the image of their company wishes to project?
  6. What kind of coverage will your event receive e.g. press , television etc?
  7. What other companies organisations will be sponsoring the event and what will their involvement be?
    Anyone remember the wooden
     Dunlop Maxply  Tennis Racket ?
    Display in Borough Market,
    Southwark, London
  8. What form will their sponsorship take e.g. provision of equipment, clothing, gifts 'in kind' for prizes, donations loans etc.?
  9. Do other events clash with your proposed activity?
  10. How will the event be promoted prior to the day ?
  11. Where will their company logo  web address appear?Programmes,  posters, hoardings etc

"The Coffee of Wimbledon" LavAzza
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