Saturday, 19 December 2015

Why Panic ? Every day's a Sales Day now on line or on the High Street.

"...Then there are 364 days when you might get un-birthday presents and only one for your birthday presents, you know” - Alice in Wonderland  by Lewis Carroll

Discounting can be a most effective way of attracting sales but too much cost cutting can cut off the face of your profits.

Black Friday was a damp squib sales wise in UK this year.

This month, about 41% of goods are already on sale discount but this  was predicted by Deloitte to increase to 45% Saturday with stores like Sports Direct offering a staggering 80% off of some items.

Deloitte analysed the  prices of more than 1.9 million products and found a wide spread of discounts from 5-90%.  Limited Sunday trading hours on Boxing Day weekend may also lead to slightly deeper than usual discounts this post-Christmas sales window.

A mild autumn and disappointing Black Friday sales have left businesses desperate to shift stock,  some experts have expounded.

19th December 2015
front page of the Daily Express
With less than a week until Christmas, last-minute buyers will also be out on what has been dubbed "Panic Saturday". The twitter #panicsarturday was popular but I wonder who was panicking ? 

Was it the consumer or the retailer ?

With six days remaining before Christmas Day next Friday, shoppers are expected to embark on a £6bn spending spree - up 23% compared with the the same period last year, when Christmas Day fell on the Thursday, researchers predict.

Despite Black Friday additional sales not really materialising, the Office for National Statistics stated the quantity of goods bought in November month on month increased by 1.7% and 5% year on year.

Both on line stores and in the shops we seem to have more and more special discount and sales days.

 These are not that short of a daily occurrence. 

Maybe we have already reached this Alice in Wonderland moment where every day is a 'Sale Day' and the new retail normal for consumers. 

However, like 'Alice' , we "can’t go back to yesterday because" we were "different people then." !

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