Thursday, 4 February 2016

5 ways Dogs can teach us to sell better #DogsTeachUsHow2Sell

Dogs sell. Dogs earn. 
We can learn from them!
Just think of the success of the “ Be more Dog” O2 mobile advertising campaign, the branding in the 'toy'  bulldog  ‘Churchill’ in Churchill  Insurance or the Dulux dog an Old English Sheepdog who has been selling paint since the 1960s.
The  Andrex  Labrador retriever puppy (ies) have featured in 130 different adverts selling toilet tissue..............

These advert dogs sell in a fun way appealing to us through emotional triggers such as loyalty, charm and companionship.

Clear Communication :'Red' the whippet 
has got the message about a new shop
 in Farnham town
Here are 5 things a dog can teach you about selling
( adapted from an article by marketer Becky Livingston I read on the Internet)

  1.      Clear communication. Dogs don’t speak our language, though we often believe they do. They need a clear message to help them understand what we are asking of them, and vice versa. 
     The same goes for your sales messages. Make them clear for your client to understand. The more clarity you have in your messages, the more they will resonate with the audience you sell to.

Remember (a dog’s version of ‘KISS’) 

 BARK   : Basic And Relevant Kommunication ( Dogs don’t do spelling!)

     2.      Keep it fun. 
My friend Audrey Bodman's  adorable 'Millie' 
    Generating an element of fun in your selling efforts helps to engage your audience, while keeping things interesting. When was the last time you had some fun with your selling and marketing campaign?

     3.      Leadership. Dogs need someone to lead them; otherwise, they will lead themselves. Selling is the same in some respects. There are leaders and there are followers. If you want to be a leader, keep educating yourself and your support team/network . Be innovative in your approach to new technologies and tools. Share information that is relevant to your clients, customers, and peers. Remember the 'Saw-this,-thought-of-you' technique.

4.      Learning.
Which is the 'old' dog  though? Who's teaching whom?! 
The quote goes,

 “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” 
   but is that true? Dogs love to learn, some breeds more than others. If you want to be on top of your game, keep learning. Bring fresh ideas to your stale marketing efforts. Step outside your comfort zone to learn about something on the fringes e.g. learn about your  client's customers,; learn more financial understanding ;l earn a foreign language ?,  . When you keep learning, you offer your clients new insight into how you can help them, and that is worth more than just completing a project.
5.      Feed me. Some dog breeds have a voracious appetite. Like them, feed your voracious mind with new opportunities, experiences, and inspiration . They will often be what leads to a break through in your sales campaigns. When you think of all the things you need to do in a day, feeding yourself should be at the top of your list.

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