Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Jelly Effect - Book review

Title of Book The Jelly Effect

Sub title : How to make you communication stick
Author: Andy Bounds
Publisher : Capstone revised and reprinted 2010 (2007)
ISBN: 978-0-857-08046-2

**** Unputdownable

Genre: Dip In Reference ( scroll down for short book review)
Style: Dip in , return to read.
Contents page: Barely adequate
Index: Sufficient 4 ½ pages for 234 pages
Flick through eye appeal: Top notch
“Time out” breather Stops: Loads
Golden Nuggets: Coffee & Fish but you need to read the book to appreciate this.
Topic Summaries : Clear and ‘simples’ as Aleksander the Meerkat might say.
War Stories: Not too many. More of a coach speaking to you and motivating you than a player living off past victories
Illustration: Great illustrations relevant to the copy
Quotes: Not too many but very well selected

Short reveiw:

I picked this book up at Leeds Railway station returning from a funeral in Skipton , Yorkshire. I was feeling sad naturally enough reflecting on the deceased’s life who happened to have been a salesman I had known for 27 years.

I started to read Andy’s book and was so absorbed that I was halfway through The Jelly Effect by the time the train got into Kings Cross station, London some 2 hours later.

The Jelly Effect is ‘unputdownable’ and breaks the mould of conventional sales books.

Andy Bones opening chapter on Networking is excellent. Worth re-reading several times.

This is a modern book written by someone still doing it rather than laying down his business life’s legacy in print for the profession. His fresh and original take on communication is engaging. My late friend would have liked the book too.

I found Andy’s mnemonics JOLT , RITES playful and helpful. Some readers may not like this approach.

Well worth the £ 8.99

N.B. Don’t be put off by the gimmicky orange cover!

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