Thursday, 2 September 2010

Title of Book: How to sell -

How to sell
Sub title : Selling anything to anyone
Author: Jo Owen
Publisher Prentice Hall – Pearson 2010
ISBN 978-0-273-73127-4

Good Page Turner ***

Genre: Dip In Reference

Style: Author’s Legacy in selling- well written (scroll down for book review)
Contents page: Clear well laid out
Index: Comprehensive 8 pages for 252 pages
Flick through and eye appeal: Rather bland not a picture book.
“Time out breather” Stops: None really , but checklist questions for best practice suggestions make suitable points to think and reflect.
Golden Nuggets: Good number of nuggets. It has all been said before but needs retelling by this champion practitioner.
Topic Summaries: Chapter ends are adequate but a bit worthy. They would satisfy a school teacher, critic of sermons or I suspect an editor.
War Stories: A lot. I found them engaging but gen X and Y readers might not relate so well to them.
Illustration: Cartoons don’t relate well to text. Font and graphics lay out rather like a school workbook. Flow chart, box diagrams are thin and weedy compared to the print font.
Quotes: Good and relevant

Short Review:
Well written guide by a former P &G graduate who progressed to being a ‘partner jockey’ at the Andersen Consulting ( Accenture) stable. Mr Owen has been in the riding seat of several different organisations. -Plenty of personal stories from his selling experience. Prepared to admit where he has failed in his selling career, tells us what he learnt from the experience and what the reader can learn from his mistakes.
There are some interesting insights into Public Sector / Government selling which many sales books don’t cover. He also shares selling experience at the international level.
Refreshingly returns selling to a craft of rational process and emotional engagement. His acronym model PASSION is well explained . It has “Ronseal” appeal - it does what it says on the tin.
Excellent chapter on bids and tenders which many sales book of its type to their shame omit.
Handy dust jacket leafed covers which act as bookmarks.
Quite expensive paperback at £12.99 even with a Buy One Get one half price offer sticker.

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