Thursday, 9 September 2010

Self Confidence : Book Review

Title of Book: Self Confidence

Subtitle : The remarkable truth of why a small change can make a big difference
Author : Paul McGee
Publisher : Capstone
ISBN 978-1-906-46582-7


Genre: Dip In Reference or cover-to-cover read
Style: Self Motivation and the Attitude of Gratitude (scroll down to short book review)
Contents page: Clear and straightforward
Index: Acceptable 3 full pages of book of 234 pages
Flick through eye appeal: Excellent . Fiona Griffiths (illustrator) catches your eye and help you navigate round to the pearls of wisdom Pull McGee proffers
Time out breather Stops : Plenty they are called pit stops with a TV’s Top Gear “ The Stig like” figure
Golden Nuggets : On every page though some are very uncomfortably honest!
Topic Summary: Personal Stuff to ponder upon and take action And lovely ‘in a nutshell’ summaries
War Stories: Great stories movingly told
Illustration: see ‘Flick through appeal above
Quotes: Home truths are illustrated with a cartoon of a megaphone with caption

Short review:
Salespeople must have confidence in what they sell but the first sell any salesperson makes is in their own head.

When they look into that mirror in the morning is that face somebody they would wish to buy from?

Although not specifically a sales book Paul McGee’s new book could act as a sales manager for those field sales people who work remotely and seldom see a sales manager except for the annual appraisal (all too common these days) but could do with some motivation pep.

“Tough love” is something many readers may find difficult to take but Paul McGee does it in such a genuine and persuasive way.

He will be known to many as the S.U.M.O. man. His sobriquet “Shut Up and Move On” is a key to his philosophy.

If there was a Business Book equivalent of the Booker Prize Paul McGee’s “Self Confidence” would be in the list of finalists for this year.

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