Friday, 21 October 2011

Buyer Faciltitation Skills at Successful Selling 2011

Sharon Drew has a different take on selling.

Her presentation at  the ISMM's Successful Selling 2011 had the performance energy and zest of a Lisa Minelli -  no holding back and personable.

It never hurts sales people to try and see their sell from the Buyer's perspective.

 However, what Sharon focused on was on a more holistic approach and in particualr to acknowlege how the Buyers' systems thinking needs to be understood by salespeople. The Buying Cycle in not necessarilty synchronised with Sales' view of the Buyng journey.

Sharon pointed out that often there are rate determining steps in the Buyers' cycle sales which salesoverlook. We don't consider what will be invoved in the Buy in and Change Management implications that may arise out of our selling solution to their buyers ' needs and wants- indeed all that behind the scenes things stuff, politics etc.

Along with conventional business powerpoint slides, Sharon employed some slides from Sesame Street and the Muppets which were fun but also consistent with her message.

Sharon explained that for the fine use of solution selling and the fact Salespeople find out needs and wants and sell solutions often the do not consider the widers picture. it for this reason there are delays- why a buyer might take two years to come to the decision but not with you. It is also our sales pipeline is so inaccurate.

They may well have needed our solution but were not ready to buy.

Buying System Rules - for buying Facilitation

  • The Problem will not be recognised by the Buyer Team until it is seem as part of the Buying system.

  • Change can't be seen to cause  to mushc disruption or there will be no purchase regardless o fthe need.

  • The ENTIRE Buying decision  team need to be on board and have a VOICE

Selling often gets it wrong because

  •  We are entering too soon into the buying journey

  • We treat the needs we have identified as isolated events not within in the whole picture

  • We have not identified  what's happening behind the scenes - politics and relationship issues.

  • We have not identified the change management implications

  • e have not acknowledge how the Buying team forms, storms and reforms is the whole length of the Buying Cycle

  • We ignore our role as decision facilitator

We will never understand Buyers until we understand their system.

Sharon's lively blog is  at

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