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Filtrona Graduate Development Programme part 1

Filtrona  is a leading international supplier of speciality plastic and fibre products with four operating divisions: Protection & Finishing Products, Porous Technologies, Coated & Security Products, and Filter Products.

Filtrona’s world network includes 28  manufacturing facilities, 46 sales and distribution operations and 5 research & development centres.

Filtrona group believe in investing in their newly recruited graduate talent.

These leaders of tommorow for the graduate development programme 2011, were drawn from within the group  from  such companies  as  Moss Plastics, Duraco, Steratape, Fltrona Porous Products, Paynes Worldwide and came from businesses in Indonesia, Russia , USA, Hungary and  the UK .
 After some team building in the UK they went to Germany to continue their programme. They visited the factory of Filtrona Porous Technologies in Reinbek which is  on the fringes of Hamburg, Germany,
 Some of the Filtrona graduate tean on the last day of their course in Reinbek, Hamburg Germany
The Graduate  Development programme is designed  and managed by Anthony James Management Training

The 12 module programme over 2 years includes topics such as:
  • Management in Context - the culture of word class companies
  • Project Management
  • Understanding Key Purchasing Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Understanding Business Finance
  • Advanced Financial management skills
  • An Introduction to Marketing
  • Leadership Skills
  • An introduction to selling skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Supply Chain / Operation Management
  • An Introduction to Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking

The scoring system - Horse Race in the lower ground floor- Kegelbahn, Waldhaus Hotel, Reinbek
There was some time to relax after work with a beer and learn the art of Kegel ( Skittles)

 After two days on Leadership  and Manangement training with Professor Howard Ward of  CEIBS - China Europe International Business School and I took them through three days of Sales and Marketing Skills.

The Graduate Programme on Sales and Marketing has been running since 2005 and is designed ot cater for the development needs of Graduates in roles such as  Business Development , Purchasing, Engineering,  Operations and Finance.

Our Sales and Marketing programme covered:

  • Attributes Skills and Knowledge of a Professional Sales Person

  • How do you envisage Industrial Selling changing in the next ten years?

  • What are the differences bewteen Selling an intangible service and tangible product?
The Waldhaus  Hotel, Reinbek, Hamburg where the Graduate Developmnent took place in October

  • What additional skills are required when selling through a third party such as an agent, distributor etc.?

  • Selling Situations in the Client's / buyer's journey and approaching te challenges flexibly

  • Managing your Customer/Client Zoo- Personality profiling.
Kevin's Balckburn Rovers Shirt - "Humbly Awesome!" the name of his team on the Grads' selling skills course.

  • Communication Skills - Verbal , Vocal, Written

  1. Questionning Skills in a businesslike but conversational style
  2. Listening Skills
  3. Notetaking
  4. Non verbal communication- Body Language
  • Cultural Diversity - introductions, business etiquette, cards and handshakes

  • Personality Profiling and adapting one's behaviour. - Psychology of Selling

  • Implications of Social media in B2B environments -

  • Industrial Buying Motivators

  • The Fitrona Offering what it is, does and means

  • Persuasion Skills - Appreciation technique

  • The BROKER  Selling Skills 6 step Process

  • Handling and Answering Client objections e.g. Price increases, Delivery, Past experiences, Happy with incumbent supplier etc.

  • How to gain commitment and get decisions
  • -when to ask
  • -how to ask
  • -why to ask
The 'Hunbly Awesome " Team set to work on a exersise

  • On going account development- cross selling and upselling

The "A team at work on an exercise
The Walls of the Waldhaus Hotel  Jagzimmer Conference Room were adorned with hunting trophies!
"Buy Sheep - Sell Dear" - The art of negotiation!

As a result of the week ,the grads go away  with a better understanding and appreciation of what is involved in professional modern selling in industry. They will up for the next module of their programme in the Spring in 2012.

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