Friday, 6 January 2012

4 essentials for using Social Media to promote Sales events

Modern sales people increasingly hold Social events either virtually or in reality. these can be webinars, seminars , exhibitions, workshops etc where it is key to build a community not just sell bums on seats or ticket sales.

Here are some simple but effective sales boot camp bullets to use to promote your sales events.

1.Engaging your community

Let people feel they are being consulted as if part of the organising committee - advising on set up, content, pricing, positioning.

In return the community will fall in behind you and promote the event forcefully to everyone in their network.

2. Set up your social media tools

  • Set up linked In group
  • Set up Blog
  • Set up Bookings/ticket sales
  • Set Up twitter account
  • Set up Facebook Page
  • Set up You tube channel

3. Let them decide how they want to communicate

Use all the channels ( platforms) available to you. the objective is to get folk to talk about your event and then let them promote it for you.
Sales boot Camp Bullets open for business

So make sure that if they facebook they can
tweet they can.

Should they like to connect on linkedin ensure they can.

4. What to Say and how to say it

Your blog is your voice to the industry

Post blogs about the event, about the current themes, interviews with key personell, organisers, main exhibitors and anybody that's interesting.

Back it up with videos on You tube, clips from last year if appropriate , highlight key speakers, run a webinar taking suggestions.

Invite all you main contacts on LinkedIn group and start some discussions to get things rolling

Get a #tag around the event and use it in every tweet
Research and send tweets to relevant industry #tags and get every relevant sector involved.

Use facebook as a fun community part of the event- run competitions surveys etc.

Get to each platform everyday and at regular intervals during the day.

You need to answer questions, moderate conversations and lead the excitement.

Old skool new School

Maintain your email contact, keep in phone contact Get journalists to write up stories etc.

But remember Social media  can't do it all.

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