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Rebalancing 2012 UK economy through Great Selling- UK Car Sales show us the way!

 The UK Prime Minister said  * "I don't want to pull the wool over people's eyes - It is a difficult year, it is a testing year," 
* from an interview conducted on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme on Friday 6th David Cameron talked about re balancing the economy. 

The  BBC interviewer Evan Davis was a little over eager to get his views across in contradicting  and challenging the Prime Minister and tended to talk over the Prime Minister rather .

 Luckily with the help of BBC I player you repeat parts of the interview where Davis talked over the PM to get hold of what the Prime Minister said.

David Cameron Interview on 6th January BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (3.24 min into interview)

Mr. Cameron defended the use of his use of veto at the EU summit and described the problems across the Euro zone of many of the UK's customers whom the UK has to sell to- had the semblance of a "cold chill".

When asked by Evan Davis on what 'Good News' there was for British business in 2012, the Prime Minister mentioned that

"..because the UK has got a plan to combat our excessive deficits and debts and because that plan has confidence in it ,our interest rates are low, lower than many other countries in Europe and that frankly is the best stimulus we can give to our economy. "

"The fact that households , businesses and Governments can borrow cheaply is vitally important."
He stated that the Government was re balancing the economy  away from Government spending , borrowing from financial services, consumption and towards export, business investment manufacturing and making things again right across the country.

He conceded that this re balancing is not going as far and as fast as the Government wanted it to do.
 David Cameron then illustrated a number  of  Government’s initiative to help the economy including:-
  • The Greater Manchester Enterprise Zone
  • The drive for more apprenticeships worked based learning
  • The cut in corporation tax
  • UK  export success to India and China.
In the retail arena he mentioned  both Waitrose's expansion plans and the new  factory of brand leader Burberry at Pontefract, Yorkshire.
 He also referred to many instances of supply chain returning to onshore.
The most significant success has been the recovery of the UK automotive industry
I confess if you had challenged me to answer who was the

UK’s biggest car exporter ? I would not have said Nissan but

they are. Nissan's Sunderland factory is expected to be a

major supplier of cars as the company continues to ramp up

its European  dealer network, adding some 1,000 new

dealerships between 2006 and 2014 in an effort to overtake


Business secretary, Vince cable said last year during a  dinner hosted by SMMT that " Eleven of the global volume manufacturers have bases here, backed by 19 of the world's top 20 suppliers.
In 2011 alone:

Industry car production in the UK moved up to an estimated 1.35 million cars, representing strong growth over the last two years, through the overall figure remains well below the peak.

Bentley sales bounced back to levels last achieved before the credit crunch.

Rolls Royce sales hit best ever in its 107 years of business.

Many congratulations to all at Rolls Royce but especially those involved in selling from fruitsofsuccesswithugh.blogspot

In 2011, Rolls sold 3,538 cars. Sales at the BMW luxury brand rose by 31%.

The market for Rolls -Royce models grew particularly fast in Germany and Russia, where sales more than doubled last year.

Sales in the Asia pacific area grew by 47% while in the Middle East rose by 23%.

Jaguar Land Rover announced their plans to build a £700.000 super car with Williams F1 and to invest hundreds of millions of pounds in a new manufacturing facilities, creating hundreds of jobs.

Opel/Vauxhall stated it would produce its next Vivaro in Luton.

Formula 1 company McLaren started anew road car division complete with a new factory.

    Aston Martin announced it would produce its Toyota iQ based city cygnet.

    MG announced plans to design, engineer and construct its new MG6 in the UK.
    BMW announced an additional £500 m investment in its Mini and engine plants.

Toyota announced plans to build its new Auris in the UK

CPP Global holdings sad it would build the Jensen Interceptor in the West Midlands.

The Government expects the motor industry to help with the re balancing of the UK economy.

2011 saw the UK attract an impressive level of investment, with global vehicle manufacturers committing in excess of £4bn to plants and facilities which it is thought will secure future model production and employment. 

Despite the uncertainty within the euro-zone, there is a real confidence  in the future of the UK automotive manufacturing.

It is considered that it will make an increasing contribution to exports, economic growth and employment  in future years.

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