Monday, 2 January 2012

Sales Boot Camp Bullets - Introduction

Welcome to the first post in new series for 2012 for this Blog.

The boot camp bullet points are designed to provide sales professionals old and new with some tips to get back into sales fitness build up your stamina and resilience for the challenges of 2012.

This series of posts are a work-in-progress.

Whether you are new to selling or experienced - it is good once in a while to return and examine the basic drills.

We can all get out of condition, slip into bad habits and become a bit ‘flabby’ .

Many firms during these first weeks of the calendar have kick off events these sales bullets are there to help such projects.

One of the most trained organisations in the world is the military. They still rate Drill as a discipline.

All armies like successful business organisations have learnt that a member must think and choose what is right on behalf of his team members and his company and nation, and often these are critical decisions.
(Guards at Windsor Castle,UK )

Drill training enables the modern infantry soldier to maintain proper position relative to their peers and thus maintain the shape of his or her formation (arrowhead, line abreast, etc.) while moving over uneven terrain, or in the dark of night.

The Global business battlefield like its military equivalent continues to change. Whether in the world of Sales and Marketing, Finance, Management, Manufacture Operations R & D, Learning and Development- all business professionals could do with a spot of boot camp mentality and return to the basics and sharpen up.

Drill serves a role in leadership training as well. Combat situations include not only commands to engage and put one's life in danger, but also commands to disengage when military necessity so demands.

Fortunately most misjudged business decisions or judgements are not life threatening but courage and intelligence are needed by a modern sales leader nonetheless.
Guards  marching outside Wellington Barracks , London

Drill, conditions the soldier ideally to instant response to commands, is essential for military function, because without it, a military unit would probably collapse under the stress of combat and degenerate into a mere armed mob.

Likewise, business vision and mission require a discipline and respect within the membership of a successful sales team.

According to one European Country’s Army regulations, close-order drill serves four functions:

1. is essential for the esprit de corps and cohesion for battlefield conditions

2. gets the recruits used to instinctive obedience and following the orders

3. enables large units to be marched and moved in an orderly manner

4. creates the basis for action in the battlefield.

So it is for the business battlefield.

This boot camp bullets series  comprises of weekly key drills organised in a “ How to…” format.

'Sales boot camp bullets' are for both new and experienced sales professionals it contains some best practise ‘nuggets’
It is by no means a comprehensive  survey and there may other topics you think should be included – please post a comment and I will continue to update  and add new topics.

I hope it proves useful.

Good selling

Hugh Appeal aka Hugh Alford

Multi-tasking! - Bandsman playing and marching

Special Event

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