Saturday, 10 March 2012

Komatsu - Down to earth Selling

In their construction and mining equipment business, Komatsu is not only engaged in the manufacture and sale of new equipment around the world, but also promoting various types of business that contribute to productivity enhancements and problem solutions on the part of its customers.
The spares side of the business is key to the overall business.

I returned to the Vilvoorde European HQ just outside Brussels to run a sales skills refresher for their parts and service sales specialists.
I guess it is every boy's dream to get  close up to  the real machines rather than a Tonka toy! These machines have to work in  the testing environments of the Quarrying and mining industries.

A 480 unit in for maintenance. The tyres makes a car tyre look puny !

The business needs a special sort of sales professional with both good technical knowledge and commercial saviness.

So the course covered the Komatsu Sales process ,Customer Segmentation, the Commodity Sales Tool, Territory Management, Territory Cash Map, Identifying the relevant decision makers and Key Influencers ,Preparing the meeting, Making the visit / purpose etc, Vehicle Inspection, Product presentations , the Offer, Closing the sale and call reporting
Selling Situations Exercise - The group - Poirot-like  "stretch their
 little grey cells"  in the Komatsu  training room in Bruxelles

Napoleon Bonaparte said an ' army marches on its stomach'
 Tahe, Maciesc Lorenzo Dimitar fuel up at lunch for the afternoon session.

As well as conventional engineeering maintenance the machines are monitored by satellite.

KOMTRAX (Komatsu Machine Tracking System) for their construction equipment
KOMTRAX is a  tracking system  for  Komatus machines whose terminals are installed on construction equipment to transmit information such as their  location, cumulative hours of operation and operating condition of the  vehicles.
 By proactively using information gained from KOMTRAX-equipped machines, Komatsu is able to provide dealers with after-sale support activities for customers' machines throughout their lifetime, resulting in enhanced availability and lowered maintenance cost.
The Komatsu KOMTRAX Sytsem.

Delegates who attended  the course in Vilvoorde came from Belgium  Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Italy,  and Ethiopia . It was like a United Nations of Sales professionals.
As well as working hard with the team, there was time for leisure and good company . We stayed at the Novotel in the centre of the  historic Flemish town of  Mechelen with its  icturesque Town Hall, St Rumbold' s Cathedral  and Town Hall .
I  can also recommend the  Goudon Carolus beer !!
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  2. yes you are right Komatsu Japan always providing quality equipment to global Industry of Construction i found best company to sale or purchase new and used plant for sale