Monday, 3 December 2012

Selling like Hot cakes in TESCO New look Store with Euphorium Bakery on London's Cromwell Road

Selling like hot cakes - Euphorium Bakery now at the new look Tesco store
Eye catching inflatable poster for Euphorium bakery
 at the TESCO Kensington West Cromwell Road , London
mezzanine coffee lounge with Chesterfield
 Club Chairs and Bowler Hat lights

A Euphorium pop-up bakery/ café   shop is now in the new-look  Kensington Tesco on Cromwell Road.

 Since the launch of their first bakery in Islington in 1999 all their products are still hand-made every day by artisan bakers.

They are now in-store at Tesco Kensington from this Monday, and serving  award-winning pastries, cakes, sandwiches and fabulous breads along with tea and coffee. Plus Wifi

I can attest that the cakes and pastries are excellent. So if you are near the Cromwell Road pop in.

There are plans for more Euphorium Stores in Tesco stores over the next few months

Closer inspection of the 'book shel' wall paper


The O of Tecso logo now sports a festive green crown

The refurbished  Kensington store a has new Food -to-go area, fresh food counters, a Pharmacy , Pizza and Mediterranean Counter , Scan as you shop and World Foods.

Hugh Alford masters the Tesco 'Scan and Shop' with the
 patient help from the TESCO staff.
I had a go at the 'scan as you shop' system.
I asked for some one-to-one training .
A very helpful TESCO lady took me through the system and got me confident with it all.

Definitely sold on the system . If I can work it anyone can!

There is even had huge touch screen to help you come up with recipe ideas etc. I reckon that could be usefull when you are tired and need some inspiration.

Stuck for ideas therre is an in store recipe finder great idea
 when you need inspiration 

American Food section of World foods at TESCO
 Cromwell Road New Look store

The World Food area I would imagine is a great comfort for home sick ex pats from USA who can now get their GRITS for breakfast, similarly for those missing the home products of the Caribbean, Asia , South America, Poland and there is even an Irish section with Barry’s Teas.

I reckon the TESCO Kensington store is a United Nations of Supermakets.

(hopefully the Google translate is accurate)
Każdy trochę pomaga

Gach beag a chabhraíonn

Cada pequena ajuda

Chak ti kras ede

Setiap sedikit membantu

દરેક થોડી મદદ કરે છે

or we say in UK

Every little helps !

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