Sunday, 30 December 2012

Alekandr Orlov visits Wallace Collection and Saatchi Gallery

During the holiday Aleksandr Orlov is honoured guest editor of www.Fruitsofsuccesswithhugh.blogspot  he got Mr Hugh to take photos.

Feeling homesicks for my mansion in Meerkovo and  collection of paintings of my honoured ancestors. I went to see how British Collectors of art both past and present display their collections. First I visit The Wallace collection which  is the result of four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace. (There was no mention of his partner Gromit form movie of wrong trousers.)

Alekandr Orlov outside house  Manchester Square
 In the large drawing room with its glorious green wall covering and drapes which remind me of  Malachite  rocks of  Merkovo mountains hangs very famous portrait of my favourite logos for British beer McKewans Export which is based on this picture.
Portrait by Frans Hals  1624 of
a man who is neither a Cavalier nor laughing
but a great portrait nonetheless

Later on in week, Sergei suggest I go to Gallery of famous ad man and collector Saatchi.

Alekandr outside the Saatchi Gallery
with Giant snowball decorations for Christmas

St John's Gospel by Dmitry Planitov( left)
 Principles of Surrender by Nika Neelova (right) with bell clappers

The show entitled " Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union: New Art from Russia.

Leonid Sokov's meeting of two sculptures 1994 Lenin and Giacometti left,
  coat with upside down pockets (right) did not get artist's name but Mr Hugh loved the work

Then I see this picture which is 'simples' black with tiny white dot.

Point by Erik Bulatov reminds me of Malevich Black Square which upset Uncle Joe Stalin so much.

The Artist's despair or the conspiracy of the untalented (by Ilya Kabov ? I think)
note the violated pictures and the broken glass and axe on the floor
I found this installation very upsetting to look at .
 Reminded me about the damage done to the Tate Modern Rothko painting
  this year, but in this work it was the artist who vandalised their own work and the destruction was recorded and preserved.

Finally I see this great picture painted on sides of cardboard boxes that have been flattened.
Mr Hugh is back soon to take over editor role. 
[Picture and Promenade a la Mussorgsky: photo by Hugh Alford] :
Grand Opera Paris by Valery Koshlyakov 1995
Tempera on Cardboard
I think this made a fun photo with silhouette visitors both looking at  the painting,
a child with its back to the painting and
 someone moving on from having looked at the painting to another of Notre Dame- out of view to right
at Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea , London

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