Monday, 31 December 2012

Selling reality and beyond- New Year resolutions for 2013

As 2013 approaches , the challenge of New Year’s resolutions arises.

Of course cynics may advise us to make a resolution  -not to make a resolution. Yet as Orchestral Conductor Benjamin Zander once said

 “ A cynic is a passionate person who does not want to be disappointed (again)”.

Such thinking is essentially a cop out.

So even if 2013 may hail troubles ahead ,let face the music and sell !

For a moment consider what is involved in resolutions or objectives set by sales professionals.

What will you continue to do ?

What will you do more of ?

What habits will you try to do less of or better still drop for 2013 ?

The  real challenge of making resolutions - “When all is said and done, more is said than done.”

Unlike the fantasy world of Toy Story’s Buzz lightyear with his appealing and  imaginative slogan “to infinity and beyond” in selling  we need to both dream a little but also we have to keep our ‘feet on the ground’  most of the time and focus on reality.

To keep focused and to contribute to your future success, answer the following questions of your New Year’s resolutions in your selling in 2013.
You can adapt the list to both internal and external selling resolutions.

Why not make a template of these questions and create a fresh checklist for each idea/resolution you wish to make happen in 2013 !

1.       What is my objective?

2.       How important is it to me?

3.       What results do I expect?

4.       What will help me achieve this?

5.       Which decision maker / manager do I need to involve to achieve my objective?

6.       What will I need in order to convince them and gain their support?

7.       Who else do I need to involve [team and individuals] ?

8.       What do I need in terms of resources [ people , time, money, training, equipment]?

9.       Will I need delegated authority ?

10.   What are the actions required?

11.   What are the milestones ( dates and times?

12.   How and when will I measure my progress?

13.   Who will I involve in reviewing my progress?

14.   What could prevent me from achieving my objective?

15.   What is my next step?

Now make it happen!

Good Luck and Good Selling for 2013
please return to this blog soon.

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