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Let's facebook it, 'I like' 'sharing' selling - using your smart phone

Sharing is a fundamental part of human interaction, and is responsible for strengthening both social ties and ensuring a person’s well-being.

Time was when the fabric of friendship was woven with the threads of ordinary conversation where thoughts, feelings and opinions could be shared . With smart phones we are as likely to share photos and ‘content’ with our friends.

Capture news cuttings from magazines, newspapers etc
 and use them for "Saw this thought of you " sharing
When was the last time you cut out an article, photo or cartoon from a newspaper or magazine and sent it to a business colleague, a client or a prospect?


For those in selling weaned on social media probably never!

Back in the day you would keep your eyes peeled when reading trade magazines and newspapers and if you spotted something of interest to a clients you would cut it out and post it to them stapled to a compliment slip with a short note on the lines ‘saw this thought of you…”.
The report also showed how the sharing traffic
 is distributed over the week.

It was a way of keeping in touch, developing a relationship and differentiating yourself from the competition who as likely as not only showed interest in a buyer when there was an immediate smell of blood.

Sharing today is less of a sacrifice and bother using a smart phone. Researcher Brainjuicer was commissioned by 3g have brought out a report  called ‘Mobile sharing’ which shows how users have really taken to this kind of near effortless sharing. It was reported by Ross McGuiness of the London Metro 25th Feb 2013.

They survey 2000 British smart phone users about their sharing habits.

This report was focused on  consumer habits. However with the blurring of distinction of home, social and  work life there are some useful trends which could be transferred from social friends to business ‘friends’. Developing business relationships are not so different to social ones. So here are some of the headline figures.

Creating content and sharing content has become a new way to communicate. 12 million adults now share or receive content via smart phones every week.

A total of 63 million pieces of content are shared in the week comprising of 31% of personal photos, 11% self generated pictures of pets. 1 in 3 shots of animals are shared !

51% share content with ‘ everyone’ whether they are Facebook friends or twitter followers. 63% of people share their content with their partners.

So far as from where they do this sharing 85% of smart phone users do it from home. 30 % say they do it from the pub and 51% say they do it from work on their mobiles.

The channel for such sharing divided as follows

42% Facebook
10% on twitter
17% email
19% by sms or mms.
When asked why they share 75% said the purpose was to make the recipient smile or to surprise them, 18% admitted that they shared to attract attention to themselves and 10% to spark off a discussion or debate.

Of course the old ways still work as well. 

The 2013 Oscars ceremony still used sealed envelopes which provide drama and curious excitement.

 Why not sift through a trade magazine, newspaper or the distinctive pink paper - Financial Times.

Look for either articles on the client's company or articles about their industry cut  out a clipping attach it to a compliment slip with short 'sharing' note on the lines of :-

" Hi George,

You've probably seen this article already but when I came across it today it made me think of you.

Hope all is well at X ltd.


Hugh at fruitsofsuccesswithhugh.blogspot "

You would be surprised how often it leads to a new business conversation. It works !

Good Selling

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