Friday, 10 May 2013

Dress for success #tweetthedress mini selling campaign

Sartorial rectitude in business dress is an ever changing matter.

For those in selling we have known for years that non verbal communication is important. Clothes communicate. It is a matter of fashion.

There was a time when open necked shirt was the way the top executive dressed just think of Richard Branson. Remember when we would as often as not see Prime Minister Blair  ie-less. Now it seems for men ties are making a comeback.

 Promoting a  #tweetthedress campaign via twitter through the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Friday 10th May got Sarah Montague and John Humphrys and Radio 4 listeners in a flutter.

But could they find someone to model Franscesca Rosella ‘s Cute Circuit dress creation?  

Fortunately the elegant Emma Wilson from the Today office was on hand and had a slim enough waist for the sample brought into the studio.

This elegant evening gown I reckon could be a hit at Corporate evening functions and trade exhibitions looking for a more sophisticated look.
Will the material be used in business suits, corporate wear  etc.? I am not sure I have the confidence to wear bling like swarovski crystal quite yet ! ( also my waisteline is rather more than Emma's)

This gown makes the conventional walking billboard look a little passé even retro. So last season darling !
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