Thursday, 23 May 2013

How is 'social' dislodging your Selling ?

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Prepare for Social to upset the applecart
As with any industry moving into maturity there comes disruption
Just think back how postal services, print publications and conventional selling have been supplanted by email, the web and search has disrupted entire industries several years ago
Now it seems reasonable to expect a lot of disruption to on line to happen, because of social media.
Facebook messages are displacing email
It’s becoming easier to send your friend a Facebook message rather than find their email address.
Rather than searching more and more, people are asking their Facebook friends or Google+ circles for referrals instead of searching on line for a product or service.
Listening to podcasts is beginning to replace radio in certain market segments maybe You tube is making inroads into conventional TV watching.
From a 2012 Mckinsey /Neilsen report  it was found that the general feeling after participating in social networking was:
76% of consumers generally feel good after engaging with social media
"Tapas" thought  : How is or will social dislodge your market sector?
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