Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 ways to Keep Developing your Sales Posture, Fitness and Vitality

The start of a new year is a good time to get back into the Sales gym and build up your sales fitness. Of course it is even better to keep developing on an on-going basis!

With a physical fitness regime you can develop a better physical posture, better endurance and vitality.

Likewise with on going development of your selling you can improve your sales posture, sales fitness and sales vitality. Here are ten little tips that are simple and effective. ( I guess you can think of more why not share them to the comments at the end of this post)

1.      When you hand over your business card ,hand over two cards ( one to pass on to a colleague)

2.      Become an industry insight expert. Subscribe to industry journals, read blogs, research competition and visit courses /workshops and seminars. If you are able to supply information to your client that reaches further than just your product, you  become their first resource when they want to make changes.

3.      “Saw this thought of you.” If you come across a link, article ,post etc send it to relevant customer with a short note or email on the lines of
     “ Saw this , it made me think of you and your interest in … Hope all is well

4.      Social Selling Posture  Follow their twitter , facebook , LinkedIn, thank them for following you. /Retweet / share / like/  favourite as a regular discipline. Freshen up your social media profile .

5.      Stop your sales pitch start the conversation . Listen more

6.      Re-examine what you do currently. Map out your client journey, before and after

7.      What could you refine in 6. to reduce your cost of sale and increase client satisfaction ?

8.      Improve and update your selling aids. Add PowerPoint presentations to your laptop or print colour copies of promotional materials. Consider a Nyrex folder with your own researched news clippings , diagrams etc..

9.      Diary in your next step before leaving a meeting or getting off the phone.
Unless you are qualifying lead each call should end with an appointment scheduled or a task for your client to complete.
Get your client involved in the process immediately, because they are likely to forget about your phone call or meeting when their next task starts. Don’t forget to ask Who else should I be seeing ?

10.  Keep your sales pitch fresh. Try to change and improve it every week. Adding new information from research or current events will make your information  relevant to your client during the sale

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